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Sunday, August 5, 2018

How To Buy 4D Number Malaysia

Perhaps you still wonder, how to buy a 4 digit number at Malaysia 4D like Sports Toto Malaysia, Magnum 4D, Damacai 4D, Sabah 88, STC, and Sarawak Cash Sweep. Often, this question is for those who recently learned to play 4D. Correct or not?

4D games are not as hard as you think, you just write 4 numbers and buy them. It's so easy not? However, there are some guidelines that you must follow and learn before buying a number at 4D game counters.

As a reminder, this article is just as knowledgeable and for a better user experience. We fully understand your needs and look forward to this article as a reference for understanding the 4D system game.

How to buy a 4 digit number in Malaysia.

Well, before you go to the counter to buy a 4-digit number at Toto, you're ready to buy the 4 numbers you want to buy. What is the 4 digit number?

The 4 digit number is the number you choose from 0 to 9. For example, 1234, 6789, 1123, 0078, or whatever 4 digit number you choose. This 4 digit number is called a 4D system.
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In the Malaysian Peninsular, every 4 digit number (Magnum, Toto, Damacai) you want to buy is RM1 for one number in the 4D system. For example, you want to buy a 4-digit number like, 6670 and you must write in a paper like this,

6670 – 1
That means, the number 6670 is worth RM1. If you want to increase your bets by wanting to add RM1 again, you must write like this,

6670 – 2

Do you understand this step? You can add how much your bet is in the 4D system number but it depends on the number of the limit of the number that has been purchased.

In the 4D system game in Malaysia has set the prize as follows,
  1. First prize: RM 2,500 (Big) / RM 3,500 (Small)
  2. Second Prize: RM 1,000 (Big) / RM 2,000 (Small)
  3. Third prize: RM 5,00 (Big) / RM 1,000 (Small)
  • 10 Number Special Prize: RM 180
  • 10 Number Consolation Prize: RM 60
If you want to buy a number to get the first, second and third prizes, for a small prize, you have to write in a paper like this,
  • 6670 – 1 Small
  • 6670 – 5 Small
If you want to buy a number to get the first, second and third prizes for big and small prizes, you should write in a paper like this,
  • 6670 – 1 (Big) — 1 (Small)
  • 6670 – 5 (Big) — 5 (Small)
  • 6670 — 1-1
  • 1234 — 5-5
For Big prizes, you are entitled to claim prizes from first, second, third prizes, special prizes, and consolation prizes. For the Small Prize category, you are only eligible to claim a prize when you're betting numbers are on the first prize, second and third only.
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