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Monday, July 10, 2017

Tips For How To Become A Police Officer

Are you interested in becoming a police officer? The ambition of choosing a career as a police officer is a pure choice. Career as a police officer is to make sure the peace and order of the society are always preserved.

Police have multiple calls depending on the language used in a country. For example, if you live in New York, the police called as NYPD (New York Police Department), In the German police state called 'Polizei'.

This article guided you, how to become a police officer and succeed in the interview. Although the conditions for being a police officer in other countries vary, the basic conditions for becoming a police officer are not much different.

Tips and preparations before becoming a police officer. 
These are some tips and preparations you need to take before applying to become a police officer.
  • Interested in police officer's career
  • Physical preparation
  • Mental preparation
  • Certificate of graduation.
1. Interest to become a police officer.
Are you really interested in becoming a police officer? If, yes, you are in the right field in your career choice. Regardless of the career you choose, interest will need to be applied for yourself first because, without a profound interest in a career, you will not succeed in the field you choose. Some people choose that career without examining it more deeply whether he really likes his own job.
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Do you know? Career as a police officer is not the same as a career in another field eg clerk, banker, or other fields. The main basis of a career as a police officer involves always working with the community to combat crime, preserve peace and order, preventing violence and crime from occurring, law enforcement, prosecuting offenders, security intelligence, criminal offense, narcotic offenders, white collar crime, Traffic enforcement, and more.

2. Physical preparation.
Among the key requirements for being a police officer is that your height should meet the conditions set by the police department where you live. Without this qualification, even if you have an academic qualification, it can not help you when called for physical testing. 

In addition, other conditions for men only, the size of your chest while breathing and without breathing should meet the prescribed conditions.

Therefore, you should know clearly what is the least height and normal breast size set by the police department in your area. You should also have a healthy body and without any illness, no eyesight defects limb not disabled, and, not involved with harmful drug abuse.

Make sure you also know the least and maximum age requirements to apply for a police officer. If you are too young and may be too old to apply for a police officer, your application will not be accepted.

Although externally, you have passed the physical test, you will be directed to undergo a health test of a government hospital and should be certified healthy by a qualified doctor. Often, this test will be carried out when you have passed the interview.

Why physically should be healthy and the test is a health test? Do you know? When you have succeeded in an interview, you will then undergo basic training for police officers at the training center of several months? Exercise is quite severe and rugged, and if you have a weak and diseased body, how can you continue your training? That's why the healthy physical need to become a police officer.

3. Mental preparation.
As the authors say before, the career as a police officer requires you to deal with society. As you know, a career as a police officer is a career full of mental stress, not just stress with society but pressure at work. During your training at the police training center, you will be trained to receive the stresses that need your mental strength.

For example, every mistake you make, you will receive a punishment of the form of deployment. You will be taught how to accept abusive words, how to control anger, as well as unreasonable instructions, tedious physical exercises, weapon training, and all these, is training in preparation for being a respected police officer in the eyes of the community.

Even though you have not yet applied for a career as a police officer, you need to know this in advance as an early preparation to enable you to receive mental stress in training and stress when you are really getting a career as a police officer.

4 . Certificate of graduation.
The final preparations before applying for a police officer are about your certificate of approval. Each country needs the academic certificate qualifications set up to apply as a police officer.

For example, in Malaysia, for the post of police officer inspectors, at least need a graduate degree obtained from a local university or a degree obtained from an overseas recognized by the Malaysian Qualifications Agency (MQA) and a public service department.

According to some articles that the writer read, to qualify candidates in the U.S. requires a need for a permanent U.S. resident, applicants must be between 17.5 and 35 years old for written examinations for public service and to be an NYPD police officer, age must be within 21 years and graduate 60 college credits with a minimum of 2.0 GPA, have a driver's license and live in about 5 cities in New York.

The academic need does not apply to anyone serves for the U.S. military for two years. Each country has different conditions to allow candidates to become police officers. So understand what conditions are required to meet the eligibility requirements for police officers in your country.
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