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Monday, July 3, 2017

The Man Who Always Wears A Hat, Is It Risky To Cause Hair Loss?

Some of you may be wondering if it's risk to always wear a hat. This is often the case in men because there are those who always wear a hat. In fact, men prefer to wear a hat while outdoors because they feel wearing this hat is one of the fashion.

Nevertheless, some cases, men wearing caps while outdoors due to their bald head may be due to hair loss problems and possibly because their hair is cut short.

The question here, is it always wearing a risky hat for your hair to fall? Before that, we talked about what caused the hair loss problem and the connection with the use of a hat.

Well, we tell the real facts about this myth whether it is true or not. Among the causes of hair loss is that one is faced with a stress problem. However, stress is not the cause of major hair loss problems.

The actual cause of hair loss is the genes of your dad or your mother. However, it is said that if your dad has a hair loss, it will be passed on to the child due to the androgenic gene and that is why you have a hair loss problem.
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In addition to the genes inherited from your family, the cause of hair loss is due to certain diseases, chemotherapy treatments, as well as, newly born women.

You already know the main cause of hair loss, and let's clarify the question of always wearing a hat will cause hair loss.

When we look back at the true cause of hair loss among men, the main cause is due to the genes of your family. Therefore, always wearing a hat does not cause hair loss. However, wearing too tight hats will cause damage to your hair but not damage your hair follicles!

Did you know that the source of hair oxygen is the follicle through the blood vessels rather than the air, therefore, wearing a hat does not cause your hair loss?

If you do not clean your hat well, the effect of always wearing a hat will cause your hair to become oily.

For you, why do you often wear a hat? Do you have a hair loss problem and feel inferior about this problem? Do not worry friends, you need to be sure about yourself, you just cut your hair neatly and do it as nothing happened.

Do you worry women do not like you because you are bald due to hair loss problems? Friends, this is a fact, women do not care about your hair and they prefer you if you are not wearing a hat because they love the man who is confident with yourself.

You do not believe this, look at those famous ones like Van Diesel, Austin Stone Cold, Bruce Willis, and more. They do not care about their hair problem and they are very confident with themselves.
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