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Tuesday, July 4, 2017

Health Tips: Can You Clean Your Ears With A Cotton Bud?

From our childhoods, we are often taught by our parents how to clean our ears with cotton buds, and until we grow up, we still use cotton buds to clean our ear holes.

The question here, can you clean your ear with a cotton bud? This is because many rumors say, using cotton buds is not good for your ears.

Well, let's hear this explanation, clean the ear with cotton buds it is allowed, but the use of cotton buds regularly and routinely will cause your ear canal clogged with earwax.

How to use frequent cotton buds on the ear can cause your ear to clog up with earwax?

We learn first how to process ear wax through our ear canal. As we know the production of ear wax is due to the physiological process in humans.

When ear wax extraction occurs, the smooth capillary around the ear canal will carry out its task by wiping the ear wax out of our ear canal. This process happens naturally and we should not interfere with this process.

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The problem is here, many of us often disturb this process by using cotton buds to clean our ears. Did you know that if you disturb the ear wax production process, it will cause ear wax production to increase in your ear, plus you often clean the ear canal with cotton buds and this will cause your ear canal clogged with ear wax.

Each time you use cotton buds, the ear wax will be pushed more into your ear canal and this will cause the ear wax to approach the eardrum. The effects of this problem will prevent the sound waves and will cause hearing problems.

For some cases, the use of cotton buds over the ears causes the end of the cotton to be dislodged and cotton is left behind in the ear canal.

This will cause us to go to the hospital to remove cotton that is left in the ear canal, because, we can not remove it alone because the cotton is in the narrow ear canal and only the use of special equipment that can remove this cotton in the ear canal.

The best advice, you are advised to reduce the use of cotton buds and it is better that the ear wax production process on the ear canal naturally goes without us interrupting this process.

You are advised to use a nicer and harmless tool to clean your ear, for example, using the ear wax cleaner vacuum that is sold in the market at this time. This tool is like a vacuum and it is effective to clean our ear wax.
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