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Saturday, February 27, 2016

Zoo Negara Ticket Price

Zoo negara familiar to locals, this zoo was opened to the public on 14th November 1963 located in Ampang, Selangor, Malaysia.

What I know, this zoo is managed by an NGO, namely, Zoology Association Malaysia.

The zoo is not only popular among the local people but very well known all over the world.

When this article was written, it is said there are 476 species of mammals, fish, amphibians, reptiles and birds.

I want to share some of my experiences while visiting these places and also the latest ticket prices at the Zoo Negara as a guide to all of you.

Ticket prices are the latest in zoo Malaysia
Well, according to my observations and experiences during a visit to the zoo, the following is a schedule and a list of ticket prices according to category.

To your knowledge Mykid and MyKad, reserved for residents only. This means that if you stay outside the country, you are in the category without Mykid or MyKad.

Zoo Negara Ticket Price By Category

1. Children
*3 to 12 years old
With Mykid
  • Normal Rate RM 11
  • Inclusive of Giant Panda =RM 22
  • Tram Rides=RM 4 *Kid below 2 year  Free
Without Mykid
  • Normal Rate= RM 27
  • Inclusive of Giant Panda = RM 43
  • Tram Rides= RM 7
2. Adult
With Mykad
  • Normal Rate= RM 32
  • Inclusive of Giant Panda = RM 54
  • Tram Rides= RM 8
Without Mykad
  • Normal Rate= RM 53
  • Inclusive of Giant Panda= RM 85
  • Tram Rides= RM 10
3. Senior Citizen
*65 year and above
With Mykad
  • Normal Rate= RM 16
  • Inclusive of Giant Panda= RM 27
4. School Concession Rate
  • Normal Rate= RM 9*A letter from school and student with uniform
  • Inclusive of Giant Panda= RM 11*A letter from school and student with uniform
  • Normal Rate= RM 11* with 10 student and A letter from school
  • Inclusive of Giant Panda= RM 11* with 10 student and A letter from school
Operation hours
The zoo is open every day, from Monday to Sunday but closed on Tuesday except on public holidays and school holidays. To your knowledge, this zoo is open from 09.00 am to 05.00 pm.
Zoo Negara cartoon
Additional charge
If you want to take some video in the zoo using your camera video will be an extra charge of RM15 per unit.

For the disabled there is no fee charged when entering the zoo. Even so, you must present the card valid disabled.

Group discounts
If you come to visit in the zoo in a group, the group is the minimum estimate of 30 people, you are entitled to a discount of 2 ringgits for each regular ticket price.

Animal show
Do not miss the show free of sea lions and macaws in the zoo every day, starting at 11.00 am and 03.00 pm. On Friday, the show starts at 11.00 am and 03.30 pm.

The last time the giant panda
Maybe you should see this table for the last hour to visit the giant panda. For weekdays, the last time was at 04.30 pm and on weekends, the last time was 05.30 am.

Provide suitable footwear
Through my experience when visiting this zoo, this area is very vast and is estimated to have an area of 110 acres of land. My advice, choose and wear suitable footwear as you walk in a long time. However, if you plan to ride the tram, you can wear any kind of shoes or slippers.

Come early in the morning
If you plan to visit this zoo, I give you a proposal to come as early as 09.00 am because this area is not only spacious but need time to explore and see many wild animals in this zoo.

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