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Sunday, October 4, 2015

How To Download YouTube Videos On Your Smartphone

How to download video from YouTube via smart phones? Perhaps many people still do not know how or are still looking for how to download video and save video in your smart phone. I also like you, even so, you can learn it easily on the internet. Before, I never did write how download video YouTube via laptop, this is exactly the same way and do not change. Anyone who has read my articles, you actually have to find out this way. 

Download YouTube video app in Google store charge?
Before I explain to you in detail how to download video via smart phone, I will share to you how I find the application download video YouTube  through Google play store  and have managed to find an application, but it does not work anymore because application owners were charging.

I have attempted to find free applications on the internet but did not find again and most applications download video YouTube charge. On the internet, we still have some way that is easy and free, and I prefer to use this way and why you should buy the actual application you can get for free?

An easy way to download YouTube videos from your smart phone
Well, I will teach you how to download video YouTube back of your smart phone in an easy and free.

1. Open Google chrome on your smart phone and make sure your phone has a powerful Internet access

2. Open the website YouTube and choose the video you want to download

3. Add the letters 'SS' in the URL address that you want to download this song in YouTube
- For example, your song is, When you're gone - Avril Lavigne, and this song is the URL address,

- Throw the letter 'm' and add the letters 'SS', URL address to download the song is like this,

4. Press Enter and you'll go to the website,

5. Select the video you want and press the download button. See examples like the photo below.

6. Wait until the download is complete and the video will automatically save on your smart phone.

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