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Thursday, October 1, 2015

How To Check PDRM Summons

Check PDRM Summons. Have you ever obtained a summons from the police (PDRM) or JPJ in Malaysia?

Some people say, summoned by the Police and JPJ is not a good day, even so, sometimes, when we drive a car or ride a motorcycle, we forgot to wear a seat belt, do not carry a driver's license, violation of traffic light, overtaking on the twin lines, driving over the speed limit, and, various other traffic offenses.

 In fact, summon traffic, is due to our own fault for warning us in the future to be cautious on the road. 

Check summon through online (System MYEG)
If you use online system MYEG, this method is very convenient because it uses a single page. Well, this is the procedure you need to do.

- Go to the website through this web,

- If you have already registered in MYEG, you can directly log on the website using your user name and password.
How To Check PDRM Summons

- How if not yet registered? You must first register with through this procedure, press the button 'register now' '.

- After you press the button 'register now', you will be presented with a form to be filled, the form is about the details yourself. After you complete this form, press the button 'send'.

- When completed to register, you can now login using your user name and password, if you want to check summon traffic (PDRM), you can select a page to check summon PDRM traffic.

- Through prouder, you must be required to include details such as identification / Company / registration number of the vehicle. When you press the button 'send', you will be shown a list of summon on your vehicle if you have traffic summons.

Check summon traffic through SMS
Royal Malaysian Police has provided three ways to check summon through short messaging service and via my opinion, this is very easy way to do revision summon your vehicle.

The first method:
Type something like this: POLIS SAMAN send to 32728.
Example: POLIS SAMAN SAB3662 send to 32728

The second method:
Type something like this: POLIS SAMAN and send to 15888
Example: POLIS SAMAN SAB3662 and send to 15888

The third method:
Type something like this: POLIS SAMAN send to 32728
Example: POLIS SAMAN 987654321098 send to 32728

* Each SMS will be charged RM0.20 for each reply.

Another way to check the traffic summons
You can visit the official website (PDRM) via this link
Even so, you have to register in advance to allow you to perform the review summon your vehicle.

You can also download the application check summon, through the application in android smart phone at,

In addition, the revision summon can also be done in Link is,

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