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Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Facts, Reality, Goodness, Why Are You Investing In Gold From Now

Your interest in investing? I want to share with you the tips about, goodness, facts, reality, why you should invest in gold started now. In this world, the gold and valuable items of interest to everyone. Who does not love gold? People interested in gold because gold is a unique material property, durable, permanent yellowish color, and gold signifies wealth to the wearer.

The price of gold is difficult to fall
According to history, in the days of the pharaohs, gold was traded at the time and the earliest currency used by human civilization. Did you know? A piece of gold coins at the time of the pharaohs is equal to the value of a coin gold money today.

This means, the gold is difficult to fall, and if the reference to expert analysts, gold prices will continue to rise in the long term. For example in 1990, the price of 1 gram of gold 999, at that time only RM50, but in 2015, 1 gram of gold, the value of close to RM200. While the trend in gold prices at present has decreased and increased, in the long term, gold prices will rise and continue to rise.

Multiple benefits
Those who make physical gold as an investment, you will get a double benefit if you are smart manipulate these investments. Imagine, at certain times in the short term, gold prices are soaring due to the policy of a country that affect the price of gold, investors, bankers, high demand or lack of supply of gold on the market. When the situation in gold prices soaring, many investors will sell their gold stored in multiple markets and create profits with ease.

Why Are You Investing In Gold From Now
Difficult to be destroyed
Gold has unique properties, hard and difficult to destroy. In the event of floods, fires, storms, and so on, gold remains resilient and will not be damaged when compared to paper money. Paper money is just paper and money alone is also very easy to be damaged and glad missing values declined. Did you know?

In the history of the use of paper money as the main currency, many countries have experienced bankruptcy due to the use of paper currency, paper money loses value as a result of incompetence to fully manage this currency.

Malaysia, Indonesia, Greece, Congo, and many other countries have been the financial crisis as a result of currency paper. What about gold? In the history of human civilization, physical gold has never made a bankrupt country.

The best investment of all time
In the history of gold investment, any person never had a bankruptcy due to investing in gold, even so, many who suffer from bankruptcy because of not knowing how to properly invest in gold. Physical gold is a valuable asset and those who know the secret of gold investment will earn a fortune over time.

Malaysia country alone, gold shops ranging from the Chinese, are able to survive from generation to cultivate their gold shops and Malaysia during the economic recession experienced in 1998, they did not suffer any harm because they have valuable assets, namely physical gold.

Banks, willing to do business in gold and try to attract investors to invest in them because the bank knows, the gold will not fall within the term. American, for example, has kept tons of gold for supplies in the event of an economic crisis on the dollar value of the currency.

Physical gold can be exchanged for money
Everyone knows, Physical gold can be exchanged for money. Why not keep the gold but prefer to keep the money? You should be aware, the money will go down the shed every day and in the long run, money has decreased significantly.

For example, in 1999, if you have RM50 and want to buy daily necessities at the supermarket, you can buy a lot of things, but if the present value of RM50 only able to buy just a few items only.

This means that the money will lose value in the long term. I have a friend who works as a lecturer at the University Malaysia Pahang during my stay in Kuantan, Pahang. My friend is very interested in investing in gold, he said to successful investing in gold, half of the salary you receive each month, buy gold because gold is the most precious treasure of all. He said he bought gold every month for several years, has reached a kilo.

All countries receiving gold
During the Vietnam war crisis a few years ago, most people had already fled the country and sought political asylum in a third country. They sell all their property and buy gold to serve as an important asset during the refugees.

Why they do not use currency Vietnam? This is because the Vietnamese currency has no value at that time and all countries not to accept the currency of that country. Vietnam people know, gold can be received in any country and has the same value as gold in the country of destination.

Those who sell gold will acquire wealth
If you know the secret of gold, you will gain wealth. How Chinese in Malaysia, easy to profit by selling gold? Secret profits selling gold is the “we buy” and “we sale’’.

When you buy gold, you are categorized as, ‘’we buy’’ and when you sell gold, you are categorized as ‘’we sale'’. The price of gold we buy, '' we sell '', is different and you have to understand the difference in gold prices here. Those who sell gold, will impose some costs of wages and this is the secret of their profits.
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