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Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Bird Nest Soup Health Benefits

Did you know about the benefits of bird's nest soup? This article, I want to highlight the benefits of bird's nest soup is very popular in Southeast Asia market, especially in Malaysia. Do you know the bird swiftlet? The birds mostly found in Asia such as China, Southeast Asia countries such as Malaysia, Vietnam, Indonesia, Thailand, Myanmar, and more. Bird's nest has properties that are very good to the health of the human body.

Bird's nest soup benefits to pregnant women
For pregnant women, making bird's nest soup will consistently improve the nutrition and health of infants and pregnant women. If the pregnant woman in labor, this soup will help accelerate the recovery of the body is weak, the body will quickly slim, and overall help maintains health and beauty.

The benefits of bird's nest soup to the baby
If the newborn is given a bird's nest soup is the soup dissolves into the milk, it will add to the health of the baby or add shortcomings there are in the body of the baby. Six-month-old baby, bird's nest soup if dissolving into mush, it helps stimulate the brain, increase appetite baby to eat, and help digestion, and constipation. Mix sugar cubes into a bird's nest soup in food for the baby porridge.
Bird Nest Soup
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The benefits of bird's nest soup to children
For children, making bird's nest soup is consistent will provide many benefits to their bodies, for example, strengthen immunity, improve metabolism, and strengthen various body functions.

The benefits of bird's nest soup to a woman
Bird's nest soup nourishes very nice to women, for example, beautify and soften the skin, and maintains a timeless beauty. Moreover, if women have busy work, stress, tired, soup is capable of restoring enthusiasm and strength.

Other benefits of bird's nest soup
Bird's nest is rich in antioxidants, high protein content, amino acids, containing six hormones which are important to humans such as testosterone and stradiol. In addition, according to experts, this bird's nest also contains a number of carbohydrates and fats.

The benefits of bird's nest soup

1. To help strengthen the lungs and kidneys

2. Prevention of cancer

3. Set the supply of fluids in the body

4. Improve heart function

5. Reduce a cough, asthma, influenza, and throat infections and many other diseases.

6. Increase the body's reproductive cells

7. For the elderly, this soup can strengthen bones, tendons, and increase the body's resistance to disease

8. The food was very good for smokers, reduce the effects of nicotine, and attack cancer.

Even so, the bird's nest is very expensive health food. If you want a bird's nest, make sure you buy from the cooperative bird's nest to get a good price. In Malaysia, bird's nest business is very lucrative because of the high demand in Asia and Southeast Asia market. Residents in Sarawak, Malaysia, willing risking their lives to get the bird nests in caves that there are in the country because of very high prices in the market. According to reliable sources, they find bird nests are very worthwhile because they are able to earn thousands of Ringgit in one day.
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