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Sunday, October 4, 2015

Adrien Broner Is A True Warrior?

I was a fan of the sport of boxing and I'm very interested boxer from Cincinnati, Ohio, United States, Adrien Broner. He is a professional boxer and a very hard to beat for a few seasons and lost his last in 2013 at the beginning of his career. Adrien Broner was defeated by Marcos Maidana at the time.

On Saturday, I saw he was defeated from the beginning till the start of the match at the MGM Grand competition. He took a beating for attempting to delay showdown and hold his opponent, and I know this is a secret strategy to win the game but the jury knows, boxer 25 years has been subject to deductions of points.

Even so, on lap 12, Broner trying to bounce back to defeat his opponent but it was impossible at this round. what I see, at the end of the round, he has managed to make a strong left hook but before the jury finished counting points, his opponent has managed to get up.

In this game, the jury has rated 114-112, 115-111 and 118-108, and this has given the victory in favor of the boxer Shawn Porter.

Although competition MGM Grand was defeated, I know, Broner has high morale and are not easy to give up. This boxer has vowed, he is a star that is hard to beat and says himself, he'll fight anybody.
Adrien Broner is a true warrior

Broner has admitted himself that he is a true warrior and a fighter who feared by opponents because of his determination to fight. he knew, people would ask signatures and take pictures with him.

I really like this boxer words, 'I am a true warrior,' This is symbolized, his fighters have actually had the blood of heroes and born to fight against the enemy. Although I do not live in United State, I often find information about these boxers on the internet. You are the hero Adrien Broner, continue your hard work!

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