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Tuesday, September 15, 2015

What Is Homestay

Malaysia country has many places of interest such as the historic, beautiful beaches, islands, zoos, unique city, and the cultural diversity of local communities, impressive, it has attracted many local and foreign tourists to travel or a holiday in the country. This positive impact, resulting in the existence of many hotels, guesthouses, chalets, resorts and homestays. Article on this is clear understanding about homestay in Malaysia.

What Is Homestay
Homestay is a home owned by an individual is used as a guest house for tourists. Homestay exist due to the shortage of hotel or used as a source of additional income for certain individuals who operate the business.

Moreover, in remote areas that do not have hotels, the villagers will provide home stays for tourists and as a source of income.

In Malaysia like Sabah, Sarawak, Terengganu, Johor, Pahang, and other states have various unique population in terms of culture, and this has attracted many tourists from the west and Asia to see the unique culture in these countries.

What Is Homestay
Tourists coming to Malaysia is keen to see high-rise buildings, but more interested in seeing the tradition and culture, the arts community in the country.

However, the meaning of the home stay is no longer focused on tourists only because the local government has built many houses stay in the country for local residents.

For example on the island of Labuan, Labuan Corporation Council, (MPL) has built many houses stay on the island for the convenience of local visitors who come to the island.

Advantages Of Staying In Homestay
in your view, stay home stay better or staying in a hotel? In my opinion, if you come along with your family, I suggest you stay at home stay because, home stay is a house converted into accommodation to the public, other than that this house is spacious, comfortable, compared to the hotel.

After I know this, if I together with my family goes on vacation, I prefer looking for a home stay in advance as accommodation for my family, staying in a hotel is my second choice, I do not like staying in a hotel because of limited space.

The Benefits Of Doing Business Homestay
If you are interested in doing business on a home stay, you must have at least one house and this house no one lives. You must make some renovations on the house to make it look neat and orderly.

When homestay look neat and orderly, often customers will recommend to their friends to stay at the home stay.

At present, home stay business is not subject again must be built in areas that are of interest but you can do business anywhere because people find house when there are needs like wedding, sports, commitment to work, travel, and more.

Homestay business is one of the most popular business in areas where interesting because it gives a lot of profit in a short time.

On the island of Labuan, home stay on the island is very much built but it was unable to meet the needs of the public when a number of events held on the island.

I've done a home stay booking one week before international taekwondo events organized on the island in 2014, I made a reservation for the use of my sister because her daughter was involved in this event, but all the home stay on the island has been reserved in advance by the public.

Homestay is open to the following,

1. The number of individuals who have official business for a few days

2. Additional homes for families who get married or engagement

3. In addition to the family home or relatives but have been restricted residence or narrow spaces

4. Inn to his wife and children when her husband visited in a particular area for work in a few days.

5. As temporary accommodation since been moved to a new home.

6. Tourists who come en masse

If you are really serious about doing business homestay, I believe you will gain easily. A friend on the island of Labuan able to earn an income of RM250 per day just doing a homestay on the island, if in a month, he earned estimated revenue of RM6,000 to RM7,750.

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