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Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Mystery: The Ants Come In The House, Bad Luck Or Good Luck?

I want to share you the tips, from Southeast Asia how to measure your fate based on types of ants that come in your house.

If you look carefully types of ants come to your home, these ants are ant varied and ants will come home in a few days, months, years, and the ants will disappear suddenly, as you know, ants come to your house to have a source of food in your home.

Ants are insects that forage in groups, and cooperation ants to find food unique and mysterious, in Southeast Asia, the types of ants coming in someone's home, the provision represents the owner of the house.
two ants
Omen of bad luck
According to public confidence in a number of countries in Southeast Asia such as Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand, and Myanmar, if the group of varieties of ants that come into your home is a type of ant bites, venomous, this is an indication you will have a bad life, this means, you will experience a variety of problems in your life, about your financial problems, illness, career failure, and all sorts of problems.

If we think in terms of logic, a type of ant bites, venomous, not good if ants are coming in large numbers in our homes, if this ant bites us, the children, it will cause pain and this would represent our lives we will go through, life is mysterious and very difficult to explain with words.

Good luck omen
According to belief, if the ants are coming into the house is a group of ants does not bite, do not venomous, it is a sign you will be acquiring good luck, such as your financial situation will improve, you will earn a livelihood suddenly or you will receive good news about the fate of your family.

Types of ants do not bite is, red ants, the ants will come in large numbers and were ants in your home will disappear suddenly after a few days at home, I do not trust this mysterious but, a few years Last, my current financial difficulties three years in a row, and the type of black ants that bite had come to my house suddenly in large numbers and, in one day when my finances improved, these ants disappear suddenly,

These tips are a trust of local communities in Southeast Asia, I find it difficult to determine the truth of this belief, but the people believe these signs. In my view, the fate of mankind difficult to predict but we can make our fortunes improved by doing the best start in today because in today's tireless efforts to determine a better life in the future.

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