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Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Maxis Free Basic Internet

Maxis has launched free internet prepaid past few decades, this launch provides an overwhelming response from users all over Malaysia, if your users maxis, you are encouraged to change this plan because you will have free internet all the time, even if your internet quota has been exhausted, you can still enjoy basic internet on your phone, this means that you can still open android application without any problems.

My observation on the market, discard maxis that provide basic services to the internet is very popular and consumer choice nowadays, maxis prepaid agency will buy stock in large quantities because they know selling these cards will sell quickly.

How to Change Plan
How to maxis existing user? What I know through my research, you can change this plan by visiting any maxis center and told staff there, you want to change the plan to free basic internet, to switch to this plan, you will be charged at RM8.

Maxis Free Basic Internet
If you have changed the plan to free basic internet, you simply press * 100 # to view existing plan or promotions offered to you, if you reload RM30, you will get 1GB internet, this is the advantages offered by the maxis to you.

Simcard price
Price per simcard set by the maxis is RM8.90, but most sellers of this sim will price varying according to the line number, if you visit any shops selling this sim, VVIP numbers (numbers easy to remember), a shopkeeper will charge high prices and sometimes sold price to more than one hundred ringgit.

Maxis main website
One of the advantages of this sim is because it can support 4G, this means your internet speed faster than the previous plan, if you are a loyal user maxis, I recommend you always visit their main website through this link, http: //

I wrote this article is based on my understanding of the advantages of maxis sim free basic internet, if you want to know more about the advantages of this sim, you can visit any maxis center near where you live.

Posted by mr geo Updated at: September 08, 2015

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