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Sunday, September 27, 2015

Malaysia Pahang Points Of Interest

Points of interest in Pahang, Malaysia. I live in Kuantan Pahang approximately 10 years and most of the places in this state have visited. I feel I must write interesting places in this state for a reference to all readers of this blog for the common good.

Pahang is the largest state in Peninsular Malaysia and nearly 80 percent of the population in this country is a Malay and the rest are, the Chinese, the natives, and many others.

Pahang state has many places of interest to visit, and to the knowledge of yourself, this state situated on the east coast of the Malaysian peninsula is bordered by the state of Johor, Negeri Sembilan, Terengganu and Kelantan.

When I lived and worked in Kuantan, I often visit places of interest in this state and I feel satisfied because most of the places I visited was very attractive to me. Most places I listed, I had to visit and you only refer to the list below,

Pahang Map
Pahang Map
The list of top tourist attractions in Pahang

- Cherating Beach

- Black Stone Beach

- Teluk Cempedak Beach

- Royal Museum of Sultan Pahang

- Gambang waterpark

- Panching Waterfall 

- Mini Zoo Teruntum

- Cherating Turtle Sanctuary

- Pahang National Park

- Genting Highland

- Cameron Highland

- Bukit Tinggi

- Bukit Fraser / Fraser Hill

- Tioman island

- Mini zoo Temerloh

- The Lake of Chini

- Charas Cave

- Museum of Sungai Lembing

- National Elephant Conservation Center in Kuala Gandah, Pahang

- Deerland Park

- Mount Tahan

- Mount Senyum

- Bera Lake

- Endau - Rompin National Park

I wanted to write one of these places but I have not had the opportunity to write in detail. Even so, you still can refer to on the internet about the place that I recommend to you. This list is a list of the most tourist frequented by people in this state.

Most tourists who come in interesting places are, locals and tourists from overseas. Most tourists come to take their own car, rental car, or on package tours.
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