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Tuesday, September 1, 2015

How Do I Get Rid Sleepy When Writing A Blog

I wrote an article on the blog as a hobby because I was very interested in writing. I will share with all readers of my knowledge through writing a blog and I hope my writing is useful to you, even so, write an article on a blog is not as easy as you might think because you must make sure your writing is really beneficial to the reader. A challenge to write a blog is feeling sleepy, when these feelings come, your article will be ready in a few days, you should be prepared for each article only an hour.

How do I get rid sleepy when writing a blog
I will share with you some tips to reduce sleepiness when writing an article on the blog, I know you must think about these tips such as drinking coffee, Nescafe, no, I do not give tips like this to you because, for me to drink coffee, Nescafe, is less effective tips to reduce sleepiness when writing an article on the blog. My tips are an easy and very simple but effective way to get rid of sleepiness when writing.

Why coffee and Nescafe less effective?
I questioned the effectiveness coffee and Nescafe to eliminate sleepy because based on my own experience, I have been drinking a few cups of coffee concentrate to the goal, holding the sleepy when writing articles, but drinking coffee is not effective, after drinking a few cups of hot coffee, after half an hour I write articles, I was asleep, it's something that's funny because drink coffee is not effective if you write an article.

Drink hot water
After I did some research on my own how effective way to get rid of sleepiness when writing articles is by drinking a few cups of hot water, make sure that your mouth can withstand the heat of the water, if the water is too hot, let it warm up a little and drink it slowly in the glass, after drinking this water, you will feel your body gets hot and sweaty. This idea can be applied when you start to feel sleepy when writing articles and you will be gone within a few hours of slumber.

Enough sleep
If possible, before writing an article make sure you have enough rest because it is difficult to write during sleep is not enough. My advice is to sleep for a few hours before you write an article for adequate rest makes you extremely excited to write an article. I have tried to write an article in a state of rest is not enough and it is very difficult to write because you will fall asleep by itself.

Show enthusiasm for writing
What is certain, interest must be applied to the mind before writing, if you're interested in writing, you are automatically going to lose sleep. One of the reasons that cause drowsiness when writing articles because you feel boring when writing articles and you will feel sleepy. I once wrote an article about health, I'm actually not interested in writing articles relating to health but because it meets the theme of my blog, I had to write the title of this article, even so, the biggest challenge is to feel sleepy and I had to apply my interest when writing the title of this article,

The main secret to getting rid of drowsiness in writing articles on a blog is by drinking a few cups of hot water, these tips may be practiced by the students, those who work at night, or those who feel sleepy in the office. You can try these simple tips and it really works with you.
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