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Monday, September 14, 2015

Free Garmin Map Update

Hello friends, how are you? Articles this time I want to share how to update the GPS Map Garmin, for free. So you see, Garmin map has many types on the market. At this time, Garmin map is crucially important and popular in the Malaysian market.

If you look at most of the new model vehicles, mostly has a system Garmin map placed in the vehicle, this additional tool as a convenience to the user to easily get to the destination without any problems.

Free Garmin Map update
How garmin map update for free? Most garmin map update service will be charged, but actually you can update for free without paying anything for it. Apart from that, these services are not subject to the actual garmin GPS map, but all kinds of GPS map like, Papgo, WayWay, and many other types.
Free Garmin Map Update

How to update garmin map or other type of GPS map is,

- Go to this forum, Malaysia Map.

- You need to register in this forum.

- After you register and log in to this forum, you'll see a link for free public download and click the link.

- Choose the model of your GPS map, and click to download.

Use GPS Map
Whether the use of GPS map? This tool serves as a marker direction and allows you to not get lost in the destination you're going

GPS map has several types, such as for marine GPS map, GPS trekker for use in the forest, and GPS map of the road, in addition, the airline also requires GPS to be used as a guide in air travel.

My experience using Gamin map
A few years ago, when I still lived on the east coast of peninsular Malaysia, I always come to Kuala Lumpur for business or pleasure in this city.

At first I often got lost while driving a vehicle entering the city Kuala Lumpur because this city is huge, busy, and crowded with vehicles. 

To find a simple solution, I bought a GPS map to set up the road, and as I recall, I am using GPS brand Gamin and GPS must be updated every six months. Amazing! I was driving the car in the city of KL without any problems and I was on holiday throughout the country in accordance with a peninsula with a Gamin GPS.

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