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Friday, September 4, 2015

Celcom Free Internet Trick

I would like to share with you the tips, how to make your phone has free unlimited internet from Celcom. Even so, these tips are only open to those who entered via prepaid credit rather than through the bill.

I know, many Celcom users out there who does not know this and so lose if you do not take the opportunities offered. 

Celcom free internet trick
How about you? Do you know this trick? I actually do not know how, but I've read articles from Celcom on this offer and I immediately shared with you.

If you want to get free and unlimited internet from Celcom, you need to get the sim card (magic sim) on the market.

How should you use the sim card are you using now? I know, you are like me, I no longer buy any sim card on the market at the moment, because this sim sellers raise prices at will without following the price set by Celcom.

Apart from that, I do not buy any sim card because I already have a phone number that I use now. Well, if you have a problem like me, you can change the existing plan to plan sim magic.
Celcom Free Internet Trick

How to convert an existing plan is, you only need to send an SMS

Type 'MIG MAGIC' and send to 28882

Even so, the internet has to offer is the most basic and have a top speed of 64 kbps speed, it means you can just open the application WhatsApp, wechat, Telegram, and so on.

If you want to do a search on the Internet, or open the website, downloading very slow, even so the service is still worthwhile because it is free.

Magic sim is the choice of the people in Malaysia are the most popular because this sim overcome other telco service by Celcom extensive coverage.
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