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Monday, September 14, 2015

4D Prediction System

4D prediction system. I want to share you the tips, how to arrange the numbers you bet, this is actually a continuation of my previous article, if you read the whole article on tips 4D, you will understand how to practice this way in the betting.

Even so, this is just my suggestion, and I can not guarantee this method will work for you because, this proposal refers to my articles before.

4d prediction calculations based on mathematical probabilities
I wanted to emphasize, if you want to win 4d, there are only two ways, first you take one or two 4d and make a bet on a consistent basis, the second is through mathematical calculations of probability, if you play 4d, never make a bet without making calculations based on the percentage because you just wasted your money. I reiterate, you will not win 4d, except, you very good luck.

4D prediction system
As I said before, the game 4d should be calculated on the basis of facts and not follow the math facts or formulas that are not clear. In 4D prediction system, you should evaluate 4d upon the calculation of the probability of events will be repeated, calculations by the graph, knowing the pattern, recognize 4d, high chance to hit, and what you must actually play around with even and odd numbers.
4D prediction system
In Western countries, some have won lotteries for the secrets uncovered a pattern in betting lottery scratch system, this means that, if you play with seriously by the mathematical formula, you can predict 4d, based on knowledge of the secret pattern. To discover the secret pattern is by counting through graphs, calculations based on the month, and the calculation is based on the draw date.

How do these calculations? First of all, you must know the basics of mathematics, and at the present time, many website free, paid, provide calculations based on mathematical methods such as assemblix.com, and 4d2u.com. Read the article on the calculation of the percentage of 4d by month here, How to calculate your percent prediction 4d.

How to win straight 4d
If you read my previous article, you will fully understand how to win without making a purchase 4d in the system, iPermi, Ibo ix, Ipaui, you simply divide the number you bet for example, the system 24, you can only choose 12 numbers, and if you play in the 12, you just do a bet of 6 numbers. For example you can see here

Total Permutation: 24
1234 1243 1324 1342 1423 1432
2134 2143 2314 2341 2413 2431
3124 3142 3214 3241 3412 3421
4123 4132 4213 4231 4312 4321

In the system 24, the number of bets is 24, this means, you have three options to make a bet, first, use the system 'PAU', priced at RM24, if you hit numbers in the draw, you will easily win this bet.

Second, you can make a bet with, divide the number 24, being only 12 numbers. For example you can see here

Total Permutation: 12
 1342 1423 1432
 2341 2413 2431
 3241 3412 3421
 4231 4312 4321

This method minimizes the actual money bet, but make sure you make the right choice numbers.

Third, make bets using the system, IPAU, IBOX, IBET, MBOX, IPERM, this method requires low cost, some players say, it is the insurance of numbers you bet. Even so, your winnings is low compared with the normal system.

If you use this system, you simply select the number with the highest percentage to hit, and you do not need a strategy for how this number is hit straight, do a calculation in accordance with the target, and you will win 4d.

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  2. Hye Geoffrey,
    Can you explain a lil bit about system 24/12,how can we get the exact no,,i mean the system rules?


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