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Thursday, August 20, 2015

Weekend Activities In Labuan Island

Weekend Activities In Labuan Island. What things to do on the island of Labuan at the weekend? Many who feel their life is boring when staying too long on this island because they did not know what to do on the island. These feelings often occur to people who are new to living on the island. Well, this is my little idea of how to cope with feelings of boring when you are on the island.

See the beach
The island is surrounded by the South China Sea, so invite your friends to go around the island and see the beauty of the beach. On weekends, the streets around the island are quiet and not busy with vehicles. But if you enter the city, the streets around this area are very busy with vehicles.

My suggestion, when you see the beauty of the coast, stopping off in places like Batu Manikar, Layang-Layang because you can enjoy the coconut water in the stalls around the area.
Labuan Island

Visit the bird park
Did you know the island has bird park? You can bring friends or family to visit this place. For your reference, the location of the island's bird park is in the Tanjung Kubong. The location is not far from wherever you are in the area of the island because the island is small.

The bird park has a wide variety of local birds and birds imported from abroad. If I am not mistaken, the fees charged for adults to enter the park is RM2 and RM1.50 for children.

Fishing activities
Do you like fishing? The island has many places to fish and if you want to buy fishing equipment you can find in the downtown area of the island and fishing store location is close to Choice Restaurant (Indian Restaurant).

Play futsal
Do you interest in futsal? If you have friends for more than five people, you can invite them to play football on the weekends. You can play futsal in the Sports Complex near Hospital Nucleus or near Financial Park in the downtown area.

See the sunset
The island has its own charm, which is the beauty of the sunset in the evening. You will see a lot of people hang out at the beach on the island in the evening for a sunset view. You can see the sunset at the beach Navy, Tanjung Purun, Batu Manikar, Layang-Layang, and UMS Beach. Do not forget to bring your camera to take a picture as a keepsake.

Bbq activities together with friends
This idea is probably the most interesting one because you can invite your friends to do bbq activities in coastal areas. On weekends, you'll see a lot of people will do the bbq and shower activity in coastal areas together with family and friends. The best place for this activity is in the Tanjung Purun, Batu Manikar, Layang-Layang, and UMS Beach.

Jogging at the Botanical Garden
You may be interested in activities such as events jogging sweat, my recommendation you can go to the Botanical Gardens for jogging because this place is reserved for jogging activities. A place in the area in a very peaceful life and if at the weekend, many people will go jogging in the area.

Shopping at the Financial Park
The popular place for shopping on the island is in the Financial Park Complex. On weekends, the complex was visited by many people for shopping.

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