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Friday, August 28, 2015

Secrets Of 4D Dream Number

Article this time, I would like to share the tips, about, secrets of 4d dream number, the players in Malaysia and Singapore. Have you ever won the lottery with a dream?

I know a lot of players have had a strange dream, and they won the lottery, a dream man is very mysterious and difficult to resolve with common sense, according to scientific studies, people dream because of the body's sleep really relax (the conscious mind), but the brain still up, and generate imagination without control of the body.

It causes a person to experience a dream, but the most mysterious, this dream sometimes convey a certain message on, personal, life ahead, the events that will be happening, and sometimes, the message of the dream would really happen.
4D Dream Number
 Even so, sometimes a dream one does not give any meaning. Did you know, Albert Einstein is one of the leading physicists in the world, and he obtained his ideas about science (space and time) from the imagination of his dreams.

My thoughts about dreams
I also just like you, I always dreamed of when I was sleeping, and sometimes dreams do not give any meaning. Even so, I have several times been dreaming about some difficult things I mentioned, and you know I won the lottery. In 2007, I dreamed of riding a motorcycle on a road not paved, and in the middle of the street, I found two cats on the streets. I feel sorry about that because of the cat alone on the street, and I took both cats were on a motorcycle.

I awoke suddenly from my bed and felt weird about this dream. On that day I bought my motorcycle registration number (3662) in magnum 4d of rm5-5 big and small, big and small rm10-10 (mbox).

At 0800 Pm, while I was at a restaurant, my friend called me on the phone told me the registration number of the motorcycle, has won first prize in magnum 4d, at first, I did not believe what he said and I asked my friend to send magnum 4d results on my phone. After my friend sent this decision, I was so excited because I won the lottery amount, RM35,500.

I also have been a nightmare really sorry about that dream, well, the dream something like this, when I lived in Kuantan, Pahang in 2008, when I was back in my home because I want to rest, I felt very tired and sleepy, I decided to relax and sleep in the bed, I had a dream I was working as a security guard and at that time I was at a guard post and was on duty, in my dreams, I feel very bleak, suddenly a Proton Saga green color, with registration number 9108, has been entered in the guard house and the car was driven by very fast, and suddenly, the car has become a black horse.

In my dream, I was very surprised because the car has a black horse, and I accidentally had fired several shots with a pistol towards the horse. I woke up and I felt my heart beat very strong and felt the horror of the dream. I do it in the betting some tickets in 1 + 3D DaMaCai, magnum 4d, but I do not buy at Toto 4d because, number 9108, was hit in the latest draw. At night when the results of a vote, number 9108, was hit in a second prize, and I felt very stupid for not making a bet in Toto 4D, to calm my heart, I had to accept the fact, it's not my livelihood.

Experience of friends
In 2010, a friend who worked in Terengganu contact me by phone and asked me to get identification numbers belonging to my head. I have given the identity card number and he asked me to do a bet for having a dream, my boss had an accident on the road, and in his dream, he saw the corpse of my head, was carried by many people. I've done a bet amount, RM3, and the current decision was voted 4d, identity card number has won a starter, and I have gained much money, RM600.

In a restaurant in 2010, I met a Chinese man who works as a waitress, I always hang out at the restaurant, and one day, when I was at the restaurant and would like to see the results of 4d, he asked me to see the result 4D, and suddenly he shouted he had won first prize lottery, he has shown his win tickets, and won the money, RM120,000.

He told me, he always sees the number he won while at the beach, when he went to the toilet, watching TV, and while in town. In my view, it is the fate of a person's life, when your good luck has come, your good luck will come naturally. Fortunately the hopes and dreams of all mankind, but, not all end up with good luck.

Predictive dreams in
For some elements 4d players in Malaysia and Singapore, they prefer to predict the meaning of their dreams through the book of the Chinese horoscope. A few years ago, this prophecy books sold in bookstores, but at present, the Chinese dream predictions can be obtained on the Internet as web 4d mathematical calculations such as web Even so, I can not confirm the truth of the book of this prophecy 4d. The player may always use this book as a reference their dreams can give you an answer.

The Chinese book of divination will give you some tips and hints about your dreams and you can refer to the book as per the meaning of your dreams, have the numbers to be used as a betting 4d. Even so, I asked about the truth of the book from several Chinese friends, and they say, truth certainly is, has been the profitable seller of this book, and they can not confirm the truth of this book.

They also said that this book was produced as a good business opportunity and certainly happy to sell this book because it can be used as a reference by the players in Malaysia and Singapore 4d.

4d dream analysis
Often, if you dream about something, you have to be wise to analyze your dreams because of not all the lottery but it's a sign that will happen in your life tomorrow or the next day.

Based on my experience, the true dream is, you are surprised of sleep after experiencing strange dreams, if you 4d player, you have to be wise to analyze your dreams, if you feel it is your sign on 4d or tip, you should follow the numbers you bet only three times a draw.

This article is based on my own experiences and the experiences of friends. This article is sharing to all readers of the internet and I can not guarantee you'll win the lottery for referring this article because every human dream is varied and unequal. My advice, consideration of common sense alone will determine your dream is about lotteries or about your future.

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