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Monday, August 3, 2015

Secrets, How To Make Your Voice Stronger

..Secrets, How To Make Your Voice Stronger.How to make your voice louder? Have you ever heard of a squad leader in a national parade? I hear their voices during the parade at the level of Malaysia and their voice was strong and loud. People with a desire to have a strong voice certainly aspires to be a singer or a coach, march, soldiers, scouts and others. I will give you tips on how to make your voice strong and practices need to be applied.

Natural honey and lemon
Honey and lemon contains vitamin c, is good for the health of your throat. The practice adopted by many famous singers to take care of their throat and voice. How the provision is, cut a lemon and squeeze into a glass containing warm water and mixed with a little honey. This practice not only maintain the health of your voice, but you difficult to be infected with the flu and sore throat. This practice tips in the morning or before bed every day.

Decrease smoking
Smoking is not good for your health as smoking voice will cause your breathing to wheezing. If possible, reduce the smoking habit. If a strong smoke, exercise sound with screaming with long cries, they'll be wheezing and feeling tired due to fatigue compared to someone who does not smoke, they are still able to perform this exercise without feeling tired.
Secrets, How To Make Your Voice Stronger

Always drink warm water
When someone has a sore throat, we often hear these words: “'practice drinking warm water frequently, it will reduce throat pain' 'in fact, this advice was right and not only can reduce a sore throat but this practice will maintain the health of your voice.Drink warm water while getting out of bed in the early morning and at bedtime at night.

Training shout
If without training, how to make your voice strong? Practices consistent training will make you stronger voice. You can go to the beach or the desert, make exercise a daily screaming. If you feel this way does not correspond to your situation, you can practice the exercises at home by singing with karaoke.

Shouted exercise in water
This is the real secret to make your voice stronger. The tips given by my cousin who worked as soldiers in the armed forces of Malaysia. A few years ago, my cousin asked me how to make a powerful voice. He gave us tips like this, the soldiers must take a stronger voice when giving commands said at parade or, during a rehearsal for war. They are taught to do the exercises in the water shouting to make their voice stronger.

The strong vote you must practice the exercises like this, find a bucket and filled with water, take a deep breath and hold your breath, put your head into a bucket containing water and, do voice training with shouting in the water. Do this exercise repeatedly in the ten second count. You can also practice this way while you bathe in the sea or river. If you practice this exercise every day, believe me, you will have a strong and loud voice.

Hopefully this article useful to you and I hope these tips to make your voice strong and loud. The armed forces of Malaysia, any member has no strong voice and it sounds like women, they will be bullied by other soldiers. Strong voice shows us is the real man.

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