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Friday, August 21, 2015

PTPTN Blacklist Check

PTPTN Blacklist Check. Last year, the government has directed all PTPTN borrowers to repay the balance of the loan during their studies. This is very burdensome to those who have not found employment because they have to pay back this loan.
In my opinion the government should review the financing PTPTN, because, without these loans is difficult for most students to continue their education because of high tuition fees. The government should follow the examples of other countries that provide financing up to tertiary education for citizens who wish to further their education.

If the government adopted a policy of re-financing payments, such as now, people are extremely burdened because of scarce job opportunities in the country.

Government policies to borrowers PTPTN
At present, the government has directed the agency as PTPTN and Immigration to blacklist any student who does not repay the loan. This means you can not make a loan in any bank such as personal loans, home loans, and so on.

Apart from that, any borrower who was blacklisted by immigration are not allowed to travel abroad. The government requires all borrowers blacklisted must pay the loan by any means whatsoever.
PTPTN blacklisted can not renew his passport back until payday loans are implemented.

This means that the borrower must look for work immediately to repay the loan because the borrower will face many problems such as when performing loans at any bank.

How to check PTPTN blacklist
How to know you have been blacklisted by the immigration authorities is, you can contact the office PTPTN or come to the immigration office for further details or you can check it online by visiting the website at this link Blacklist Check).

If any borrower blacklisted by immigration but having trouble making payments because of financial problems, lenders can still make an appeal to the PTPTN to remove your name blacklisted. Borrowers can refer an appeal procedure for striking from the blacklist through PTPTN link here.

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