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Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Paultan, Analysts The Finest Vehicles In Malaysia

Do you know Paul Tan? He is an analyst of the best vehicles in Malaysia and according to Google, Paul Tan is a list of the most searched in the internet in Malaysia and if you use the Keyword Planner application, a keyword search for Paul Tan is 90.500 per month. reports, web, has been ranked the top 100 most visited websites in Malaysia and make his website well known by people in the country.

Why he is known by the public? In fact Paul Tan is a journalist of vehicles in the country. He comes from a family that was not rich, and during his teens, his life is full of trials after his father had died of cancer.

Paul Tan had to stop the study at a college of having to work to cover the expenses of his brother, his mother was a housewife and did not have a job.

Paul Tan started to seriously write a blog on the vehicle when it is aware of the potential to advance after receiving the traffic of visitors to his blog. In 2006, his blog has become so popular in the country and receive AdSense earnings estimates Malaysian Ringgit 5000 to 6000 per month.

Paul Tan Blog
Nowadays Paul Tan is a managing director at Driven Communications Sdn. Bhd and only occasionally writes articles on his blog as a vehicle in a busy job but, writing in his blog has been committed by several employees.

If you visit his blog at, you will be presented with the latest vehicles in Malaysia, reviews, opinions, and interestingly, you can see every angle photographs of vehicles using high-quality pictures.

Besides that, this blog article teaches you about the guidelines vehicle in Malaysia like loan calculator, calculator licenses, vehicle inspection guidelines in Puspakom, the latest news about the vehicles in Malaysia, and more.

Info on vehicles outside the country such as in Southeast Asia, Western countries are also included in their writing articles and make this blog as an agent of information about the vehicle's number one in Malaysia.

If you want to buy a new vehicle, is to visit this blog to know more about the reviews about the vehicle you intend to buy because all existing types of vehicles in Malaysia will be written in detail about the advantages and disadvantages of this vehicle.

Many bloggers impressed with the effort Paul is best known for bringing his blog in Malaysia. Company vehicles such as Toyota, BMW, Honda also advertise on the blog Paul Tan.

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