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Saturday, August 8, 2015

Malaysian Blogger Learn By Blogger Indonesia?

I started blogging in 2006, but only seriously wrote in 2015. If you want to make a SEO friendly blog is not easy and needs to be studied with an expert blog on the internet. Early involvement in the writing of my blog only use the template provided by Google but this is the most basic template and you had to make some improvements to make your blog look professional.

Why blogger Malaysia, studying with blogger from Indonesia? I do not want to degrade the credibility of the blogger from Malaysia but I have several reasons why I say this.

When I create a blog in early 2015, I had to learn to overcome some HTML errors in my blog, I try to find a blog on the Internet that teach making a blog but most expert's blog is from Indonesia, and I had trouble to learn them because of language problems. I had to understand their language and I managed a lot of things about the world of bloggers.

Through my research on the Internet, Indonesia has many experts bloggers like juragancipir, contohblognih, kangsmet and many others. Their blog receives many visitors every day and I know many bloggers from Malaysia also learn through expert blogger from Indonesia.

Malaysian Blogger Learn By Blogger Indonesia
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I know, Malaysia has great bloggers like Denaihati, and a few others but not as many as in Indonesia. This is because each of my searches on the internet about a resolution of the blog, it is heavily geared to the search of that country. I tried looking for tips from Malaysia but failed to find the best tips.

Any issues regarding the blog, widgets, HTML code, how blogging, SEO, templates and more, the author of the countries concerned will teach you in detail and all issues regarding the blog can be easily solved by simply referring tutorial blogger from Indonesia.

I strongly respect with their efforts because each tutorial blog takes time and careful writing to produce a tutorial to create a great blog.

This means that, as a result of my experience in Malaysia still lack tutorial expert and author of the blog in Malaysia still have the opportunity to compose the theme of the blog tutorial.

Blogger greatest in Malaysia like not fully teach the blog tutorial and, consequently writer in Malaysia country had to turn to Indonesia to find information on the blog tutorial.

If any Malaysians still wished to write about anything, my suggestion, write blog tutorial theme seriously and you will get traffic with ease.

 In addition, in writing English, India has many blog writers tutorial and you can also refer to the author of that country. Did you know many of the country's Indian population earns only from the internet ?

I hope the author of Malaysia create a blog about the tutorial for the reference population in Malaysia. I am very grateful to the blogger Indonesia for providing template for free to internet blogger.

Blogger world has its own secrets and the only people who really understand this secret will never stop writing because until a time, you will enjoy the results of your efforts.

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