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Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Labuan Nightlife?

How nightlife on the island of Labuan? If you want to visit the island of course you want to know the night life on the island because the island is tax free. Where are you coming from? You want a holiday on the island? I'm writing this on my wish to give the island's night life and maybe this article you can use as a guide for having fun here. So you see I live on this island and I am pleased to tell the living conditions on the island.


At night the atmosphere on the island might not be the same as on the islands you'll ever visit. Through my observation of the population here will return to work on 1700 hrs and 1800 hrs and at this time the condition of the main road of Jalan Tun Mustapha, Jalan Patau-Patau, Jalan Merdeka would be crowded because people will go home.

At this time supermarkets such as Labun Supermarket, Superstore, Milemewa and  Financial Park will become congested because people will visit this place to buy daily necessities.
Labuan Nightlife?

The main road condition gradually returned to normal at approximately 1900 hrs and at this time famous restaurants on the island such as Mawilla seafood restaurant, Restaurant Tiara Resort, will receive visitors for dinner.

At the same time, bar, karaoke and pub will receive many visitors. Where the best places to visit? I know this is your main question. In my opinion if you want to enjoy the island's best places are as Beyond 2000, Havoc, Popin and Galaxy. Why this place? It often brings local artists to perform and is frequented by many people.

Even so, other entertainment centers such as the MR2, Blue Wave Lounge, Kings KTV, Blue River, Victoria Island Club and many other , entertainment venues is also visited by many foreign visitors and locals.

So you see, most workers in the entertainment here is derived from Philippine and they can communicate in English. If you come from abroad you do not have a problem communicating with them.

The price of drinks in the pub, bar, karaoke like Jarlsberg beer in the estimated RM 28 to RM 45 in five bottol (one bucket). The prices depend on the management of their entertainment center.

Entertainment center on the island will begin to close at 0200 hrs and most of them will switch eateries to hang out, eat and drink.

If you come on this island, my advice you can live in the hotel in the city on the island to allow you to go to restaurants, shops, entertainment centers, and easy to get a taxi.
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