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Sunday, August 30, 2015

How To Maintain A Long Distance Relationship

How To Maintain A Long Distance Relationship. Meeting and parting is normal in human life, it sometimes happens to couple in love, the couple away because things can not be avoided, such as further education, work location, placed far between couples, back in his hometown, and various causes leading to a distant relationship with their lover.

Often, when absent from the couple for a long time, it will end with a farewell, this means that both partners take the direction of their lives, to avoid this happening.

I tried to give you some tips, how to maintain your relationship when away with your couple.
How To Maintain A Long Distance Relationship
Trust each other
In long-distance relationship, it is important to mutually trust among couple. If you feel uncomfortable with your couple, how you maintain the relationship between you and your couple? Despite what happened, for example, your couple does not answer the phone when you call, try to stay calm, and do not think things are not good, positive thoughts, and you must believe one hundred percent of your lovers.

This is the secret key to maintaining a long distance relationship. Many couples who split up because they do not trust their couples because due to their partner did not answer phone calls when contacted, if this is often the case, it is a sign of your relationship and your couple will be ended.

What if your couple really came out with others? Well, here is the motif of mutual trust between your couple. It is not known, it is difficult to be controlled by their couples but, if your couple really loves you, your lover may not be doing a bad thing.

Do not be to clamp
A while ago, I was in love with a girl that I really love, but this romance ended with a farewell when we are absent because I was placed in the east coast states of Peninsular Malaysia and my couple were in northern Borneo Sabah.

At that time, I was still in his teens, and still thinks childish or immature mind. I may be to clamp my life couple, for example, if my couple  would say she is out with his best friend, I often ask whether she really came out with a boy or a girl, I also often prohibit my couple involved things like her favorite, follow the activities social, and this caused her to feel uncomfortable with my treatment.

Life is like a journey, when I became a man, and has a mature mind, I was awake, I was doing things I should not do when I have a relationship with my partner a few years ago. Even so, it was too late, and we decided to follow their own path in life.

My advice, if your man, make sure you never stifles your life lovers because your couple does not agree to prohibit doing things she likes. Let your couple do the things she likes, and give encouragement to your couple because it makes your couple feel good about you.

Always advise each other
This life is fair if people make mistakes or errors, so do you and your couple will not be separated from mistakes knowingly or unknowingly. Both of you, as lovers should always keep that in remembrance among to avoid mistakes in your relationship, for example, the behavior, the conversation among you not to hurt the feelings of others, socializing with friends around must have certain limits.

It is important to consider, because you and your couple are aware and now you and your couple as a couple and have a sincere love and commitment you have to defend your love of whatever happens.

Do not pry things trivial
In long-distance relationships, is important for both of you did not bring up things that are small and can hurt your lovers because it caused ended with an argument. This is not good and can destroy your love bond if not controlled immediately. You and your beloved spouse should know about it and be smart enough to handle it.

If possible, avoid pry things as trivial, it will only hurt among others, often quarrel is because of you will be questioned for not answering the phone, your lovers will go out at night, did not answer phone messages, and more things that cause contention.

If you are disputing the trivial case, only one solution, to apologize to you on a couple of errors that have occurred, do not defend it as if it is often the case, your relationship will end in separation.

Always contact your couple
If possible, contact your lovers as often as possible, but before you call your partner by phone, make sure your lovers, not busy and have time to chat with you, try not to touch your beloved couple, if the work to be completed because, some people do not like to be disturbed when working.

The idea while talking on the phone
When you talk with your couple on the phone, you must have new ideas for discussion and do not speak with the same thing every day because your partner will be bored with you.

You have to talk about all the things you both like the future, childhood stories, funny incidents, and it will make your partner feel good about you and miss you. When talking on the phone, if possible, speak to the extent that your partner laugh, feel happy, and excited when talking to you.

The sense of fidelity in love
I want to ask you, how much you love your lovers? If you really love your couple, you will know how far you limit promiscuity, fidelity someone in love, difficult to express in words beautiful. Loyalty lies in one's heart and loyalty is only proven by deeds.

If you read this article I know maybe at the moment you are away from your partner and I fully understand your feelings at this time because I too have experienced a situation like you. A few years ago, my wife away from me for nine months because of work commitments, it was very painful, but I was still able to overcome it.

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