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Friday, July 31, 2015

How To Download YouTube Video Without Software

Hello, in this article is, I want to teach you how to download YouTube videos without software. At first, I did not know how to download it. if you look on the internet or social networking sites, you'll see a lot of people have downloaded the same video repeatedly.

In fact, you can use various ways to download video from YouTube. You can use the assistance of third-party software or without software assistance.

In my opinion, using software to download video from YouTube rather complicated compared without software assistance. This is because, without the help of software, you can upload videos faster than using software. If you're using software, you have to install it first. This method is quite troublesome yourself.

How to download YouTube video without software
This question may arise in your mind, how to download videos on YouTube without software help? Well, it's true, these tips teach you upload a video with the fastest way. In fact, when you see a video on YouTube, you can immediately download the video by taking the shortest time.

You need to change a few letters in the URL of your YouTube video. Well, go to YouTube website now and find a video and play your favorite video. In this tutorial, I opened a video of my favorite songs, Michael learns to rock and titled, That's Why You Go Away I Know. See example image below
How To Download YouTube Video Without Software

When I play this song, this song URL is,

If I want to download this song, I just add the letters 'ss' between 'URL' this song. This means that, if I wanted to download this I would add the letters 'ss' before the word YouTube. See the example below

When I added the letters 'ss' and I hit the button 'enter', it automatically page. See example image below
How To Download YouTube Video Without Software
To download this song, you just have to choose one of the links in red box as shown above. The link is the type of format or type of video display options. If your internet speed, you need time to download video in a few seconds.

Done, how, did you manage to understand this tutorial ?? This method is simple and fast. I hope this tutorial was helpful to you and good luck.

Posted by mr geo Updated at: July 31, 2015


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