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Thursday, August 13, 2015

How To Come In Labuan Island

Have you reached the island of Labuan? Where are you coming from? You can come to the island with a number of ways, namely by air and by sea, if you travel from Kuala Lumpur to get to the island takes about two hours and a half, and if you are from Sarawak, you have to transit to the airport Kota Kinabalu first and then catch a flight to the island. What if by ferry?

Well, you can come to this island through several places, such as through Brunei, Limbang, Spiting, Lawas, Kota Kinabalu and Menumbok.

You can catch a ferry ro-ro (ferry vehicle) speed boat and ferry express. You can refer to this Labuan ferry schedule

1. KK/Kota Kinabalu to Labuan
    - 0800am & 0130 pm
    Labuan to KK/ Kota Kinabalu
    - 0830am & 0130 pm

2. Brunei to Labuan
    - 0730am, 0800am, 0830am, 0900am @ 0100pm
    Friday to Sunday -0130pm, 0330pm
    Labuan to Brunei
    - 0800am, 1100am, 1215pm, 0200pm, 0400pm, 0430pm

3. Menumbok to Labuan
   - 1130am, 0400am
   Labuan to Menumbok
   - 0800am, 0100pm

4. Lawas to Labuan
   - 0800am
   Labuan to Lawas
   - 1230pm

5. Sepitang to Labuan
    - 0900am, 1000am
    Labuan to Sepitang
   - 0900, 0100pm

6. Labuan to Limbang
   - 0730am, 0800am
    Labuan to Limbang
   - 1230am, 0200pm

*Ferry schedule is dependent on boat operators, for further information regarding this schedule you should be in relation to the management of the ferry. Admin is not responsible for any schedule changes.

If you are from Menumbok to Labuan or Labuan to Menumbok, speed boat will operate starting from 0800am to 0400pm.

If you want to bring your vehicle from Menumbok to Labuan you should contact the ferry management vehicle to ask the shipping schedule,

Phone numbers ferry ticket management (vehicle ferry / ro-ro)
Putrajaya 1 ferry,
087-443244 (Menumbok / Labuan)
Wawasan Perdana ferry
087-417333 / 087-581006 (Menumbok / Labuan)
Ferry Kimanis
087-580888 / 017-8647778 (Labuan)
087-831388 / 011-29879897 (Menumbok)

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