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Monday, August 10, 2015

How to buy UPU pins in BSN?

How to buy UPU pins in BSN? I know that every year many students as SPM leavers, SKM, STPM, Polytechnic, matriculation, diploma and postgraduate education equivalent thereto want to buy a pin UPU to allow them to apply to university in Malaysia.

If, you do not buy these pins are not able to apply to university. In fact, if you graduate from SPM and STPM, usually the school management will manage this purchase if you are interested in purchasing the pin. Even so you still can go buy a pin in ways like this,

Buy UPU pins on BSN counters
Go to any branch of the bank BSN, and when you arrive at the bank, went to the counter and asked the employee at the bank you want to buy a pin UPU and you will be given a form to be filled.

When you finish filling out the purchase forms pin, take a number and wait your turn until your number is called. For your information, the price payment on this pin is different and by level of study. For further information by filling out the payment form pin you can refer to the guidelines provided by the bank BSN in 
How to buy UPU pins in BSN?

ATM (Automated Teller Machine)
For your information via the pin purchase requires you have an ATM card or BSN. You can come to any BSN ATM and make purchases pin UPU.

 - Please insert your card in the ATM and press your password

 - Press the button for purchasing pin

 - Press the button for the type of application- university

- Press the button to select the type of university program, for example, SPM and STPM

- Next enter your identity card number. (Be sure to remember your identification number)

- Press the button 'yes' to continue with your business

- The re-check your details carefully

- Next you simply press the button 'yes' if agreed and 'no' if you do not agree

- If you agree with this arrangement by pressing the button 'yes', the purchase will be executed automatically. For a reminder, make sure your ATM card has the money for purchasing the pin. After you obtain a receipt print purchase your pin numbers, you can complete an application form UPU, online at

Purchase via sms banking
In my opinion, this means a waste of time because, first you need to register your phone number at the ATM or CDM in bank BSN. Even so, registration phone number is relevant for the long term or for other purchases via sms banking in the bank BSN.

- Well, for purchase through sms banking go to any ATM or CDM (Cash Deposit Machine) insert the BSN cards and enter your password.

- Press the button for other business

- Press the button to 'banking sms'

- Press the button for registration

- Input your phone number

- Press the button 'yes' if the phone number you enter is correct. When this business successful registration slip will be issued with a four digit UAC and at the same time, you will receive a message on your registration has been successful through the phone numbers you register for this affair and also with M-PIN (6 digits) and UAC two digits.

- To activate your sms banking is a way to use this keyword, Key-in ACT M-PIN 6 digit UAC (4 digits + 2 digits), and you need to send to 36898. After activation, you can buy UPU pins through sms, for example type, PIN<> mpin<> course.code<>candidate.NRIC to 36898.

- Example:  PIN 543210 SPM 991616161616 ( M-PIN is no BSN card pin)

You can buy UPU pins in January until early April every year. My advice, make sure you get in early this pin for easy insertion UPU form without haste. To know more about the entry to the university, visit the website of the management of pupils in This article is derived from sources BSN banks in and rewritten by the author's understanding.

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