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Sunday, August 2, 2015

How To Apply Government Jobs In Malaysia

Shalom, the present challenging times, competition for job vacancies in Malaysia is very intense. This is because, every year thousands of graduates from local universities, private universities, colleges, will finish their studies.

This leads, opportunities to get a job extremely difficult because of the lack of job vacancies in the private sector or the government. Many graduates are forced unemployed in the village or, to find a job in a supermarket, shops, although the position is not in accordance with their agreement.

Even so, you still have the opportunity to obtain employment in the government sector by applying through SPA8.
How  To Apply Government Jobs In Malaysia
SPA Website:
How to apply for government jobs in Malaysia
Do you know what it SPA8? It is an application form to fill vacancies in the government sector. Every year, many government agencies will be open vacancies for all Malaysians who are qualified to fill the positions offered by the agency.

How to get SPA8 form? In fact, if you want to make the application manually, you can get the form at the main post office near your home for a fee RM 5. The post office employee will give you a form to fill in and guide books.

If you want to fill out a form online, you can visit the website of the public service commission in

Tips, before filling out the application vacancies
Before filling out this form, you must supply all your certificates such as certificates of curriculum, certificates PMR, SPM, school leaving certificate, diploma, degree and all certificates of proficiency.
These certificates are important to you as a reference while filling out the form. This is because you must fill in all the details of your qualifications.

For a warning, you are prohibited once entered inaccurate information in applications such as this will cause your odds will be litigation.

For your information, your application is valid for two years and if there was not called for interviews for two years, this means that your application will be rejected. To reapply, you are required to make a fresh application.

In my opinion, if you want to quickly receive work in the government sector, choose a career that requires a lot of vacancies, such as police, soldiers, nurses, firefighters, Maritime enforcement agencies, customs, immigration, prison department, and more.

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