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Saturday, August 15, 2015

Apple Violated A User's Privacy?

What kind of phone you have? Have you completely know how your phone works? In July 2015, iPhone users have become social media attention because the phone is said to violate users' privacy.

For information, phone users IPhone and IOS system can detect traces that often you visit and you should be careful with this phone.

In July 2015, a users phone IPhone, named Melody Puckett has revealed its findings on this phone and share on social media and it has become a warm conversation in social media.

On May 17, 2015, video recording 1 minute 49 seconds has been uploaded on social networking sites and display the location was visited by the mobile user in detail.

If you do not know this, if your telephone is stolen by others it is very dangerous to yourself because a thief will know in detail the places that you often visit.

You need to fully understand how this phone works and you know the risks that arise if the phone is lost.

Even so, you can still change your phone settings such as guide below

Settings<> Privacy<>Location Services<>System Services<>Frequent Locations

As of this writing, this video has reached 2,169,662 Views on social media websites Facebook and most of the comments received by the social networking site users have to say, thank you to Melody Puckett.

In my view, management should provide guidance IPhone heavily on their mobile users to benefit iPhone users.

IPhone is the world's number one smart phone nowadays. Every time Apple announced its products it will be a concern all over the world.

Malaysia country alone, every time the phone was announced products in the Malaysian market, people in this country will be the next flocked to acquire Apple phone.

I hope this guide is useful to all users of this phone and share with your friends for the common good.

Posted by mr geo Updated at: August 15, 2015

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