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Saturday, August 15, 2015

4D Prediction Method

4D prediction method. I will describe in detail how to predict 4D through 4D prediction formula. I think maybe my previous article you have to understand how mathematical principles, but do not fully understand how to maximize your 4d forecasts.

If you are reading this article you do not fully understand this rule, you should read my previous article, and then you know how to use this method. 

4D prediction formula
As you know the formula below is based on mathematical logic and we should know how to use this formula to predict the lottery four digits, especially in Malaysia and Singapore. 

You are free to use this formula based on your understanding but I will teach you use this method, according to my idea.

The calculation formula is based on the logic of odd numbers and even numbers. This means you must be wise to determine a three-digit odd numbers and three even-numbered, and the pair of figures is odd or even numbers. 

When you see the last result, three odd numbers or even numbers always hit the draw result 4d Malaysia and Singapore, you just have to choose a couple of odd and even numbers on the chart above.

Buy the lucky pick ticket
Based on the above formula, how to determine the three-digit number to be used as the bet in the next draw? Like I said before you are free to decide the method according to your own understanding but in my view, the best way to find a clue based on the chart above is to buy a ticket lucky pick.

Why must buy a ticket lucky pick? For your information, the management of lottery tickets in Malaysia or Singapore have demonstrated clue that number will hit in the ticket lottery to attract investors to conduct a four-digit lottery betting.

Understand the clue number
What is clue number? In fact, the lottery ticket you can read the clue posed by this ticket by reading the bar code printed on your tickets but, based on the chart above method, you just need to buy some lucky ticket pick and find the clue number by referring to the chart above.

Clue number is like this example, you have bought the lucky ticket pick numbered 2876. This means that if you refer to the chart above, clue number is 286. The numbers you are betting, 286. These three numbers are even numbers and pairs for this number is an odd number. (1,3,5,7,9).

You are betting numbers like this,
2861, 2863, 2865, 2867, 2869

You already have five numbers 4D lotteries, and if you want to make sure that this number has to hit a high percentage in the draw, you must perform the calculation of percentages of probability. Read my previous article How to calculate your prediction 4D.

Is this an effective way? According to my research, this method is very effective if you are able to master reading clue, and you also fully understand the calculation of the percentage of 4d.

This is the logic of mathematics and probability. You are advised to give priority to the number of betting via your way, and make these methods as reference only. Admin will not be liable if you suffer losses due to the use of this method.
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