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Monday, August 24, 2015

4D Analysis Method

4D Analysis Method. Article this time, I will share tips to investors 4d, how to analyze the result 4d. This rule applies to all 4d in Malaysia and Singapore and you can make as a reference for this method is based on the facts of mathematical probability.

I like to talk about the facts because 4d is mathematics, if you use a formula without factual math, you're on the wrong track to play the game 4d. Even so, if you just make a bet only one or two numbers and follow them consistently, mathematical methods are not applicable. 

4d result analysis
In the game, the best way to predict 4d is to analyze the latest results. Why do I say this? This is because the clue that will hit in the next draw is on the latest results, you only need to analyze the correct way and this allows you the opportunity to win the bet.

The importance of choosing a website analysis 4d
How do you analyze 4d? In my view, it is important to choose a special website for analysis 4d, because, website devoted to analyzing 4d designed to record all the numbers that have been hit, hit frequency by week, month, and year, hit frequency 2d, 3d, 4d, graphs, and more. 4d the best website analysis in my view is 4D2U, (free website analysis 4d), and assemblix.com, but, this web charge you by the month or year.
4D Analysis Method

Choose to even and odd numbers
In this game, math facts is, you actually play with odd and even numbers. You must master the skills to make you able to choose or specify criteria for the number bets, such as the frequency of odd or even numbers. For example you want to do a bet numbers below in the next draw,


The above number is an even number. What is the probability that a combination of these numbers? The method of calculation is like this,


684 number combinations, is, 1, and 3. This means that these numbers be like this, 6841, 6843. Why is the combination of numbers 1 and 3? This is because the numbers 1 and 3, the number closest to the number 2.

284 number combinations, is, number 5, and 7. This means that these numbers be like this, in 2845, 2847. Why the combination is number 5, and 7? This is because the number 7, and 5, the number closest to the number 6.

264 number combinations, is, number 7, and 9. This means that these numbers be like this, in 2647, 2649. Why is the combination of the number 7, and 9? This is because the number 7, and 9, the number closest to the number 8.

268 number combinations, is, number 3, and 5. This means that these numbers be like this, 2683, 2685. Why the combination is number 3, and 5? This is because the number 3, and 5, the number closest to the number 4.

After performing the calculations, the new combination of numbers is like this, 6841, 6843, 2845, 2847, 2647, 2649, 2683, 2685.

This principle, find the number closest to the coupling of previous numbers. Even so, you still can add some numbers coupling according to your own preferences.

You must recalculate the percentage probability of this number to ensure the accuracy of the hit in the next draw. To understand the calculation of the percentage of numbers you read this article How to calculate your 4D prediction.

High chance to hit
The result 4d, digit 24, is to be a significant clue 3D, and has a very high chance to hit. You just need to select the digit and place it on the 3 numbers, do calculations and combinations of these numbers, to make 4 digits for betting.

For example, in the latest magnum 4d result, first prize, second prize, and second prize, is as follows,


Where 3 digits potentially be hit in the next draw? Potential number, digit, without coupling, 2793. This means that you are betting numbers, 2793. Isolate into three digits, to find a new digit combination,


The above numbers are clue and you have to choose the digits 0-9 to the number combinations.

Best 4d analysis
You can do your own calculation methods or references in web 4d2u, if you do the calculations yourself, do a calculation of the amount of digits 0-9, the latest 4d result. Example schedule digit calculation as follows,

0 = (number of digits)
1 =
2 =
3 =
4 =
5 =
6 =
7 =
8 =
9 =

See examples below analysis, (Draw ID 4285/15, Sports Toto 4D / 22.08.2015)

0 = 7
1 = 12 *
2 = 8
3 = 6
4 = 13 *
5 = 6
6 = 11 *
7 = 12 *
8 = 7
9 = 10 *

Select the digit that exceed ten calculations, this means, you bet numbers are as follows,



To ensure that the potential to hit for details on this bet numbers, I advise you to do the calculation cent probability.

This calculation method has the potential to hit a 15 draw (one month), even so, you do not necessarily have to wait until 15 draws to ensure your betting numbers will hit. These numbers often hit in, draw the third or fourth.

Besides that, you can do your betting estimate the potential number by doing a clue by reading the bar code on your betting ticket, if you make a bet in Toto, maybe you can refer to the article, how to crack 4d Totobar code. Even so, this article is only a recommendation and I do not guarantee you will win your bet numbers.

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  1. what about there is a combination of 2odd numbers & 1 even or 2even numbers & 1odd number? what is d clue?

  2. Sir tell me high n low frcvincy same time low n high miss i dont understand next is hig or low no hit


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