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Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Mystery in Gunung Tahan

Mystery in Gunung Tahan. Shalom. (gunung Tahan in Malay language) I would like to share with you about my experience when hiking Tahan and hysterical stories about events in the area. Where mount Tahan? This mountain is located in Pahang, Malaysia.

This mountain is the highest mountain in the peninsula of Malaysia and 2187m altitude. Every year, many climbers from various places will climb this mountain. Trip to hike to the summit is very difficult because of the distance traveled very far and you must go through hills and dense forests. Physical and mental strength are needed during climb this mountain.

Taboos when mountaineering
I climbed the mountain Tahan, with a group of marine troops. Mountain climbing expedition with a group of approximately ten agencies of other government departments.

The overall number of climbers over a hundred people. Before we climb the mountain, we were staying in a home stay in the wildlife department Merapoh Pahang.

At night, a few mountain pilots gave a safety briefing and taboos must be followed by each climber. They said, the restrictions must be respected when entering the forest for fear of bad things happening. Among taboo, forbidden to make noise, do not take the stones to serve as memories, do not obscene and many others.
Gunung Tahan

A climbing trip to experience interference entities.
 On 24/10/2011, we have started the ascent of the mountain TananD but must go through several hills and river trekking. This trip was very tiring but it was fun because we ran many climbers.

While traveling, we did not face any problems, but on the second day, my friend suddenly complained of pain throughout the body, and he told me, not being able to move on. Some of my friends tried to give it momentum and a female mountain pilot was massaging his head with oil wind.

Very difficult climbing trip.
On the second day, the chief pilot of the mountain has changed our itinerary to travel to the mountains TahanD, in my opinion, it is a very difficult one because of the time, it was raining very heavily and we had to climb some of the hills are very high and steep.

Some climbers from other teams seem desperate with this trip. Some of the climbers were crying because we were through the jungles, mountains and trails filled with mud and silt. In this way, my friend told me, he had seen something take our journey.

I advise my friends, leave it and proceed up the hill. All the team of climbers has a break in a mountain area known as Bonsai. The atmosphere at the time it was cold and it was getting dark. Bonsai areas are a little hill, we had crowded to relax because the area is narrow. At that time, we can not provide our food because of the difficulty of getting clean water and atmosphere then drizzle.

Estimated at 1900 hrs, chief pilot of the mountain led us to proceed to the stop called Bukit Botak camp. We climb the hill slowly and in groups. We've got to stop the clock at approximately 2230 hrs. This stops the very narrow and rocky areas.

We arrived in the region in a state of fatigue. Even so, we had to put up their tents. The atmosphere is very cold areas. Our team still managed to provide food and drinking hot coffee. I see another team, when they are ready to set up camp, they go to sleep. Our team can still take a photo in mountain areas and while telling funny memories during our trip.

Up on a mountain top
On the date 25/10/2011, 0700 hrs, when I woke up, I felt my body was sore and I feel sick because my bed in the tent is stone. The stone was cold as ice. Even so, I had to get up because the chief pilot of the mountain, directing us to climb to the top of the mountain. At 1030 hrs, all the team of climbers has reached the summit of Mount Tahan. We took about an hour to take a photo to serve as a memento.

Return trip
1130 hours, we climbed down from the mountains and relax in the Bukit Botak camp. We prepare our meals and clean up the place because we were going back to the Merapoh. Estimated at 1500 hrs, we had finished eating and cleaning the area, all the climbers were directed by the chief pilot of the mountain right down to the area for a return trip to the next stop is the Kubang and the distance is still a long way.

Kubang camp.
Our journey to stop the Kubang very exhausting because it was raining very heavily. At 1900 hours, we arrived at the camp Kubang and the time it is still raining heavily. We immediately put our tent in the rain and managed to set up camp within half an hour. At approximately 2000 hrs, the rain had stopped, we immediately prepare our dinner. That night, we slept in the cold because we had wet clothes.

Kuala Luis camps.
In the morning, 26/10/2011, at approximately 0800 hrs, after breakfast we go immediately to the next stop of Kuala Luis. We moved slowly because this ride much downhill slopes. At 1500 hours, we arrived at the camp Kuala Luis, when our group arrived, many other climbers are ready to install their tents. We immediately set up camp and prepare our meals. The weather that evening was dry and hot. Even so, the area where we camped near the river.

Hysterical scene at the camp Kuala Luis.
1700 hrs, when we relax close to our tent, we heard a woman screaming and raving. I saw the woman being carried by other climbers. They say the woman walking alone toward the Kuala Luis camp and found by other climbers and have been hysterical. Several female climbers tried to calm her and recite the Quran. Even so, the woman who tried to calm his down, also have been hysterical. A situation that time quite chaotic because, most women have experienced the hysteria.

The panic caused by the hysteria continued until 2030 hrs. At 2035 hrs the situation calmed down but still there are climbers women cry. I feel very creepy at night because of the hysteria occurs in forested areas. Very funny thing, my friends, sleeping in a tent with me not to venture out of the camp to urinate. He woke me up to accompany him to urinate outside the tent. That night, I did not sleep much because I think women who have suffered hysteria.

Moving back to camp Sungai Relau Merapoh. 
On 27/10/2011, at 0700 hrs, every group of climbers has moved to Furnace Creek Merapoh and takes three hours to get to the area. At approximately 1000 hrs, all climbers have reached the Furnace Creek area and vehicle to ride all climbers have to wait in this area.

I have many memories of climbing this mountain. I wrote this article is not meant to intimidate other climbers who want to climb this mountain, but I advise you to respect the area. This article is written based on my own experience and as a reference for all mountaineers who want to climb Mount Tahan. My advice, the mountain is very challenging and you should have enough stamina to climb this mountain.
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  1. Pada tahun 2002, saya ada bersama sekumpulan remaja mendaki gunung tahan. Oleh kerana saya tidak begitu fit (kurang bertenaga), saya mengambl keputusan menarik diri daripada mendaki dan saya akan tinggal seorang diri di kem Kuala Luis seorang diri bila mana semua remaja itu mendaki gunung tahan.


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