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Friday, July 3, 2015

Holidays in Cherating Beach

Shalom.. How are you all? Articles at this time of holiday on the beach Cherating. Do you know where this beach? This beach is in Kuantan, Pahang.

If you use your own car, the distance from Kuantan town to this beach only took just half an hour. When I lived in Kuantan, I always bring my family came to this beach. What is interesting on this beach? Well, I'll explain why you should holiday in this place.

Quiet atmosphere.
When I first came to this place, I feel this is a great place to bring the family for a holiday weekend. This is a quiet area and only heard the pounding of the waves and the wind from the south china sea.

This beachfront area has small shops owned by local people and they sell food such as cake, coconut milk, fish crackers, etc.

Residents living in the vicinity of this beach are the Malays. Most of these are fishermen, shopkeepers and work in government departments. In addition, there are also employed persons in supermarkets, factories, workshops and working in the port area.

See residents in the area are very friendly and they are very good for tourists.
Cherating Map

Chalet close to the beach.
What I like about this place is chalets for visitors near the beach. These things make this place look special. Chalet in this place was built by the characteristics of a traditional Malay house.

Chalet rental prices in the area are well worth it. In addition, the area around the beach also has a luxury resort and you can book the room online.

Beautiful sunset.
Would you like to see the sunset? Sunset in this area in the budget at 1930 hrs. If you to this area, do not forget to bring your camera to take some pictures of the sunset.

Surfers paradise.
The main attractions in this coastal region are playing surfers. Most of the residents or enthusiasts of the game, to organize it as a surfers paradise.

If you look at the coastal areas, it has a bay strategic and geographical factors are causing the sea in this area produce beautiful and waves are perfect for surfers play. You can learn to play the surfers of coaches in the region.

Beautiful beach.
In addition to a playground paradise surfers, the beach in this area is very pretty because of its location in the bay area. On weekends, you will see many locals or from abroad will bathe in the beach area.

Even so, the coast is very dangerous during the rainy season because the waves are big and the sea water will be installed quickly. To guide you, the security in coastal areas would put a red flag if the sea conditions dangerous to the public.

Sea turtles.
If you are on holiday in the area, you can also see turtles in the area surrounding the site. Most of the visitors visit the turtle conservation area tourist from abroad, school groups and local tourists.

You can visit this place at the information center and turtle sanctuary Cherating. ( Pusat Penerangan dan Sanctuary Penyu Cherating) 09-5819087.
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