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Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Fruit Mystery

Fruit Mystery. Shalom.. entry at this time is the mystery of the fruit. Believe it, the fruit has its own mysteries and difficult problems to be unlocked by the human mind. I wrote this article because hope, science review on this mystery and the knowledge to the world community. Fruits are human food and also most of life in this world.

Do not use your foot to step on the fruit
If you pick fruits such as oranges, apples, jackfruit and more. Be sure not to step this fruit because the fruit would be less than perfect or it is not good to eat. The structure of the fruit will be less normal.

Do you believe about it? I initially did not believe this, but when I do own it, it really happened.

Well, this story, in the early 90s, when I was a teenager, I often hear the villagers told me and other teens, if any, fruit is not yet ripe, do not use your foot to step on this fruit because the fruit will be bad structure and inedible.

 Fruit Mystery
Since hearing about it, I often think what if stepped foot fruit will cause the fruit will be bad or inedible. Honestly, I should not believe those words and I want to try myself of the truth in the words of the village.

One day, I was with some of my friends in the garden to pick fruit Tarap. This fruit is very popular on the island of Borneo, Sabah because it tastes very sweet and delicious. We took a few pieces of fruit and fruit trap is still not ripe.

The fruit should be stored for several days to make sure it really ripe and edible. While taking this fruit, I am reminded of the words of the village and want to experience the truth of their words.

I have six seeds Tarap and I told my friend I was going to test the truth of the words of the village. My friends avoid me to do this because he told me, that fruit will be bad and inedible.

I do not care about my friend's advice and using both legs, I stepped the fruit Tarap and I said to my friend, I will get an answer within two to three days, whether it is true or not the words of the village

On the third day, I've opened a store in my home. This place I kept fruit Tarap taken in the garden with my friends three days ago. Very strange! Tarap fruit was ripe, but the skin of the fruit is very difficult to remove and cannot be eaten. Since this is the case, I have to admit the truth of the words of the village.

This article was written is really happening and myself have been to test the truth of these words. If you do not believe in the truth of these words you can try it yourself. Even so, I still did not know by now why fruit should not be stepped on foot.
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