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Friday, July 31, 2015

Forex Scams True Story

Forex Scams True Story. Shalom, I want to share with you a story about my friend had lost money as a result of playing with forex investment because he plays investments in the wrong way. Why do I say that?

This is because he plays without learning the basics of Forex and only true hope for specialists to gain profit. I do not know her broker Forex investing is really an expert or otherwise.

I only mention this without saying the name and location of the incident as to maintain the dignity of my friends and I wrote this article for the teaching of Forex investors out there.

In early 2014, a colleague of mine named Abdul (not his real name) was telling me about Forex investing. He said a friend had obtained a profit of hundreds of thousands with just playing Forex investment. At first, I was also interested in this investment. Every day, Abdul always tells his friends to play with his prowess Forex investment.
Forex Scams True Story

One day, I was with Abdul, had met with friends in a restaurant, her friend called Mr. Faun and we asked him how to make money investing Forex. Mr. Faun told us, he's just playing Forex trading, only six months and has made a profit of up to three hundred thousand dollars. We are very excited to hear his prowess playing Forex investment.

At first, I did not believe what he said, but after he showed a photo with his win money playing this investment, I began to believe what he said. Even so, I began to doubt the ability of him to maintain his greatness to play with this investment because Mr. Faun own hopes with a Forex expert. In fact, he was not an expert but just hoping to play forex specialists to gain profit easily.

Mr. Faun told us, if we are interested in investing with it, we just need to provide the sum of RM 17,000 for the main requirement to open an account to invest in Forex. He said, their Forex broker based in New Zeland.

I grew doubtful with Mr. Faun story because, he said, the actual investment sum is only RM 15,000 and RM 2,000 remaining are, as a commission for introducing new members. What I know, Forex trading is not regulated by any party and if only just introduced a new member, you get a lot of commissions, it is a fraudulent investment.

I told Mr. Faun, why did he get the money Commission of Rm 2,000 and he says it is determined by the Forex broker and says he does not have the authority to set the commission.

I do not believe Mr. Faun and I think the investment is being dishonest and harmful. So you see, there are much more out there Forex brokers do not charge any fees if they invest with. I decided to not invest Forex with Mr. Faun. My friend, Mr. Abdul still believe Mr. Faun and said it would invest Forex immediately because they require money.

Mr. Abdul has made a bank loan totaling Rm 17,000 and gave the money to Mr. Faun to serve as an investment in forex. Before Mr. Abdul made a loan in the bank, I have advised him not to be too hasty to invest in Forex because he still does not know the true risks of these investments, but he ignored my advice.

Through my reading, to learn Forex trading requires at least a year to learn the ins and outs of these investments. If you do not fully understand the Forex trading and you want to invest immediately in this investment, it is like you have killed yourself. You will suffer defeat and lose a lot of money.

Within a few days after Mr. Abdul handed to Mr. Faun investment money, what I heard, the money Mr. Abdul had been defeated in Forex investment. Mr. Abdul has regretted it and he told me, when I hear a word of advice from me, he is not likely to have lost money so fast.

I also know, many investors have lost money because investing with Mr. Faun. They lose money instead of few but hundreds of thousands of dollars. This is the result if investments are expected to Forex while you do not know about these investments.

My advice to investors Forex, look for a reputable broker to a customer and that the forex broker in your country. Make sure you know your investment risk Forex and must have been well versed in these investments.

A man in my village called Victor and he graduated from a university in the United States. While completing his studies, he has worked in a major offshore company in Malaysia. A few years later, he had quit his job and concentrate in Forex trading.

I do not know Mr. Victor had a profit of tens of thousands of dollars just playing Forex. However, a man named Martin came from my village went to save a little money (savings ASB) at a post office in the area where I live. The post office employee asked Mr. Martin, did he know whether Mr. Victor and his job, the employee are asked because they came from the same village.

Mr. Martin has told the post office employee, he recognized Mr. Victor but do not know what actually works. Post office workers only ask because Mr. Victor comes every month to the post office to save money (savings ASB) between RM 60K-80K.

It is becoming a hot story in our village and we finally know Mr. Victor obtain many advantages by only investing in Forex.

If you are trying to learn about Forex trading, I believe you can earn easy profits with this investment. If others are able to earn money by tens of thousands through this investment, why can not you?

Posted by mr geo Updated at: July 31, 2015

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