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Thursday, July 30, 2015

Chinese Restaurants Make Easy Profits in Malaysia

Malaysia country, has a population of various races and religions. Most people are Malay. Even so, the whole city is dominated by the Chinese. This is evidenced by, almost all types of businesses in the city consists of ethnic Chinese. My article this time is about the Chinese restaurant in Malaysia for easy profits. This article is about how people's exposure creates the restaurant business and earn good income without working hard.

In my observation, the Chinese have a strong business association. Every country, every region, they have a business association. For example, they are very influential associations in Selangor and KL is the Chinese Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Koala Lumpur & amp; Selangor (KLSCCI).

In the restaurant business in the country, the Chinese will make the investment to buy a lot of shops to be used as a restaurant. Restaurant owners will be doing a lot of renovation and make some food stalls for rent to cooks who want to do business on a small scale. Usually, restaurant owners will provide four to five outlets lot.

This strategy will lead to the restaurant will be very lively as the restaurant has several outlet's lot to cook different dishes and different menu. Visitors will come to this restaurant because the menu tastes different and each food prices are very low. This makes, the restaurant will be visited by many people.
Chinese Restaurants Make Easy Profits in Malaysia
The role of restaurant owner in the restaurant is usually only provides a menu of drinks and food menu prepared by the tenants in the lot in front of the restaurant. Imagine, the restaurant owner can easily profit flying down with only a menu of drinks to customers in his shop.

Shop owners will hire some local workers or their study of Indonesian workers to work with them. On the island of Labuan, restaurant owners will hire workers from Philippines to work in their restaurant to serve drinks to customers.

Through my observations, restaurant owners gain several thousand per day to just serve drinks only. I was very impressed with the way they do business. In my opinion, this is business as passive income because people come to give us money by requiring less work. 

During my stay in Kuantan how many years ago, the Chinese are doing the same business in the restaurant business like this. Most of the other races such as this is difficult to do business because of possible lack of money or lack of business investment as the Chinese do. I'm not denigrating other races but this is the reality prevailing in the country of Malaysia.

I love coming to this restaurant because the food in the restaurant has a very low price and they provide food quickly. If I am lazy prepare food at home I often come here with my friends for lunch or breakfast. 

If you come to Kuala Lumpur and Selangor, restaurants like this very much but it is difficult to get an empty table during the morning and afternoon. This is because people come to eat at this time.

Conclusions here, the Chinese are doing the business of restaurants like this make profit with very easily. Restaurant owners will only spend money on the initial investment, but to make a profit several times and earn money back with a short time.

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