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Thursday, July 16, 2015

Celebration 'Hari Raya' in Malaysia

Celebration 'Hari Raya' in Malaysia. Shalom, an article on this is my speech about celebration Hari Raya (Eid al-Fitr) in Malaysia on the date 07.17.2015. This country has people from various races.

The majority of people in Malaysia is Malay and Muslim religion. Every year they will celebrate the feast "Hari Raya" in conjunction with the conclusion of their 'fast' for a month. Their celebration is celebrated with great joy, and Muslim children are waiting for this day.

Hari Raya songs on the radio
If you go to the supermarket or listen to Malay song on the radio, you will hear all about the song Hari Raya. This makes this a festive atmosphere in the country is very lively. Many artists will create new songs of Hari Raya and sing to the public. On television, a new film about the special celebration also presented to the public.

Supermarket, filled with Hari Raya theme.
If you go into any supermarket, you'll see a variety of promotions to celebrate this festival and people flocked to buy new clothes for use during the celebration of Hari Raya. If you have more money, use this opportunity to buy clothes with very low price. If you're in Kuala Lumpur, came to Sogo supermarket, the supermarket is often a promotional clothing with very low price.
Celebration 'Hari Raya' in Malaysia

Celebrate Hari Raya festival in the village 
Many Muslims in Malaysia will go back to their villages in the days before the celebration. You will see, the roads throughout the country will experience severe congestion due to vehicles, most of them will return to their villages. I hope that all Muslim friends, plan trips carefully before returning home to avoid congestion on the roads. This is because, whatever the celebration in Malaysia, the rate of accidents will increase. Because they are not properly routed.

Hari Raya festive atmosphere.
On the day of the festival, they will invite friends, colleagues, relatives came to celebrate this festival to their homes. The atmosphere is very lively because they will meet with friends, relatives were not met. On this day of celebration, they will serve a variety of delicacies to guests like, 'Lemang' (glutinous rice), 'Ketupat' (Rice cake), and, many other traditional foods.

On the eve of the festival, they will be installing the lights around the house to make it more festive atmosphere. Muslim children will come home to their relatives to ask for cash. This festival is eagerly awaited by children because they can collect money Hari Raya from house to house. This is a sincere gift of money from those who celebrate this festival.

The most lively game once during this festival is a bamboo cannon game. A few days before the celebration, the sound of bamboo cannons will sound loud as a bomb. If you come to the Malay villages, you will hear a cannon-like feather in a battle.

If you travel abroad, you can feel this atmosphere when you visit open houses hosted by the government or VIPs.

On the day of 07.17.2015, as admin, would like to say to all my friends who are Muslims and all people across Malaysia, Happy Hari Raya 2015 and be careful on the roads.
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