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Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Best Tips, Overcoming Fear Of Flying

Best Tips, Overcoming Fear Of Flying. Shalom, a few days ago I read an article about, people fear to fly. Why this happens?

This occurs , because the frequency of occurrence of a plane crash in the world in 2014 and 2015. The worst affected country is Malaysia because two state-owned airplanes were crashed and lost.

I do not deny, everyone is afraid to fly, it is a normal feeling, but if you have a phobia to fly because of worry about crashing, you must restore your spirit and consult with expert counseling. Even so, this article may help you to overcome the fear of overkill in yourself.
 Best Tips, Overcoming Fear Of Flying
Before I discuss more about these tips, we must recognize the fact of the plane first, is the creator of the first airplane the Wright Brothers, he uses the principles of the plane through the body of birds and how birds fly. Since its discovery, people have been trying to make the plane as the safest air transportation by conducting various studies and create sophisticated aircraft components.

No doubt many people died from the plane crashed due to technical problems, the negligence of the pilot and, due to weather. Even so, manufacturing airplanes trying to learn about the mistakes happen by establishing strict procedures regarding aircraft maintenance standards and enhanced security procedures at airports.

Well, some time ago, I also like you, worry and fear every time I fly. When I lived and worked in Kuantan, Pahang, it is troubling me is when I will fly to celebrate Christmas in my village in north Borneo island (Sabah). A few days before I boarded the plane, I felt very scared and did not sleep much.

This fear might happen to me because I often watch TV Channel, Discovery about 'real incident plane crashed around the world'. During the day of my flight, my worries are becoming more common, sometimes my hands trembling and cold sweat on my forehead.

This happens in a few years and one day, I read my friend's book, entitled, 'how to overcome fear and start living'. This book is the author, Dale Carnegie, one of the greatest writers in the United States and his books are very popular all over the world. I recommend you get this book to make a purchase online at This book has changed my whole life and I managed to overcome my fears during boarding.

Now I no longer worry about boarding an aircraft. How do I overcome my fears? Dale Carnegie in the book, some of the verses says, "…..the extent of your worries? What is the probability that something troubling you will really happen? If the probability of your worries difficult to occur, immediately stop your concerns before you die at a young age! ….'' Word it caused me not to worry when boarding an aircraft.

Did you know? Every day has thousands of flights around the world and the incidence plane crashed is very rare. Static within a year, a plane crashed very little. You must fully understand this and, based on these stats, why are you anxious to fly? My advice, you need not worry for boarding.. Calm down and your thoughts positive. Nothing will happen during your flight.

Through studies by experts flights, fly 66% safer than by car on the road only reached 44%. If you do the calculation in a year, the rate of vehicle accidents involving death is very high compared with the mortality rate caused by a plane crash. This means that the plane is safer than your car.
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