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Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Tarap Fruit, Popular in Northern Borneo

Tarap Fruit, Popular in Northern Borneo. Shalom friends, at this time the article is about the fruit Tarap. I know many of you do not know this fruit. In the language of science, the fruit is known as Artocarpus odoratissimus.

This fruit only in Southeast Asian countries such as Kalimantan, Indonesia, Thailand, Philippines and Malaysia in northern Borneo. Tarap trees are very widely grown in Sabah, Malaysia country and very popular amongst the locals.

The fruit is sold in the market in August to September. If you are traveling in the state of Sabah, along the way you will see the locals selling fruit at the roadside. This fruit, native to northern Borneo. This fruit is not yet fully studied the content of vitamins in this fruit.

This is because the fruit is popular in Southeast Asia and most of the world's population still does not recognize this fruit and its benefits. Tarap tree is a tropical tree and most of the local population in the north of Borneo to plant a tree in their garden and the tree also grows in the forest. In Kadazan Dusun, the fruit is known as Timadang, Madang or Philippine is known in Marang.

Trap fruit has a rounded shape, have a thick skin and a dull razor. Tarap content in the fruit is white, fresh flavor if the fruit is not yet ripe. In my opinion, the contents in the fruit, such as jackfruit. If the fruit is ripe, sweet and fatty foods. If someone first enjoy this fruit, you taste these fruits are very tasty and appetizing.
Tarap Fruit, Popular in Northern Borneo
Have you ever thought how they reap the fruit Tarap? The fruit is difficult to fall even if the fruit is ripe. Even so, if the fruit is ripe and began to deteriorate, it will fall too. Tarap harvesting must be done with care to avoid this fruit fell and crashed to the ground. If the fruit was ripe and fell to the ground, it will be damaged. As I recall, this tree will bear fruit in August and September.

Through the telling of the village, if you plant a tree Tarap, it will produce between 7 to 8 years. It is a rather long period to wait for the tree to bear fruit. Even so, when the trees begin to bear fruit, every year you would earn revenues from this tree. The tree produces white latex if you cut these trees with machetes and rubber is very difficult to remove if you are exposed clothing.

As I said earlier, a detailed study on the benefits of Tarap still not fully known. Even so, the fruit is known by locals as a supplier of energy to the human body. If you eat a fruit Tarap, it can satiate you and give you energy. During the fruit season, villagers make this fruit as a food supply for the following work to their farm.

In addition, the fruit is also said to be good for digestion. It seeks to eliminate gas in the stomach, causing bloating and also to launch when you defecate. This fruit is also good for increasing sexual performance, improve sperm quality and provide nutrients to the bone. In my view, if the fruit is studied more about the benefits of this fruit, it provides more benefits to humans.

In my village in Tambunan Sabah, the fruit is very widely planted by residents in the area. If the harvest this fall, it was widely sold in the market during the weekend. The fruit is sold at the price of RM 3 to RM 5 per kilo. I still remember during my childhood in the village, when the season of hope, I'm with my friends Tarap will climb trees to pick the fruit. It is a fun memories of my life.

If you are a tourist from abroad or do not recognize this piece, came to Sabah Malaysia in August to September. In Peninsular Malaysia, you will not find this fruit because the fruit is not present in the area. You can only obtain this fruit on the island of Borneo. Even so, Thailand, Australia, Indonesia and the Philippines have been planting trees to be used as part of the fruit in their country.
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