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Monday, June 1, 2015

Tips, How to Dry Out a Wet Cell Phone

Shalom, at this time the article is about how to dry out a wet cell phone. I know, if the phone and suddenly wet because of the rain, dropped in water, exposed to sea water, is of course very concerned about you because of your mobile phone may be worth considering, have important photos in mobile phones or vital documents and mobile phones are a variety of reasons means to you. If the handset is wet, make sure to take proper steps to save from no longer usable.

The first step to do if cell phone wet.
If mobile phones suddenly wet, the important thing is to be done, turn off your mobile phone immediately. If you do not turn off your cell phone, it will be damaged by electrical flow in the handset will react with water, causing some of the components in the phone will be damaged.

If the mobile phone has been switched off, open the phone's battery and attempt to dry with a dry cloth. This is an important first step to save your cell phone from being damaged.

Hair dryer.
Bring cell phones to your home immediately and dry using a hairdryer. Beat the clock winds down to the dump in the budget of thirty minutes. Make sure every place in the handset is completely dry before turning on your mobile phone again. If possible, do not open your mobile phone in a day due to fear of water still has not been dry in the handset.
how to dry out a wet cell phone

Dry wet cell phone with rice.
Believe it or rice can dry, wet cell phone? In fact, it is believed by many that the heat in the rice dries wet cell phone. If your phone does get wet, enter the mobile phone in the rice and leave overnight. I've been doing this a long time ago and when my back on my phone, it still can work. Even so, it still depends on how severe your cell phone wets.

Send cell phone at the repair shop.
If your phone does get wet, you should send it directly to a cell phone repair shop because they have a complete tool to address them. The overall repair shop will open your cell phone and they will dry out by using a hair dryer. In addition, they can identify the type of damage if your mobile phone is not working. These tips will make you spend a little maintenance cost.

What if the phone is wet with salt water.
According to my experience, the handset is wet with salt water often exposed to sea water. If this is the case, make sure you observe the tips above and send it directly to a cell phone repair shop because salt water will react with the metal in the handset and will cause suffering corrosion. My advice, if your cell phone is wet with salt water, it will not last long because the components in the handset will be rusty and your phone will be damaged.

The tips in this article are based on my own experiences and sharing tips with friends. I am not an expert on mobile phones, but I have idea how to save a wet cell phone. I hope this article is helpful to you and make it as a guide if your cell phone suddenly wet.
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