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Tuesday, June 9, 2015

The Spirit of Writing on the Blog

The spirit of writing on the blog. Shalom, this article is about, how to strengthen my spirit to write on the blog. Each blogger, has its own dream why they do the writing on the blog / website.

All know, the main reason a blogger for writing articles is caused because of the money, to provide information to readers on the Internet and news while in the country, or abroad. Without the presence of bloggers, the internet's lonely without visitors.

My way to strengthen the spirit of self to write in the blog.
In 2006, I have set up a dream to write on the blog, but due to various constraints, I had to cancel my wish. Even so, my dream was always fresh and intend someday, I would write and create my own blog.

From 2006 until the end of 2014, I was very busy with his career, and it is difficult for me to create a blog and write articles.

On 01/01/2015, I have tried to create a blog of my own and bought the domain name of the web hosting companies in Malaysia that is, My choice is a domain name, the name of my own, namely, My blog was completed on 15.01.2015.

Starting 16/01/2015, I began to write an article every day, the number of words, 300 to 500 for each article. I write articles about things I know without referring to any articles or reference books.

On 04/02/2015, I have successfully completed a total of 20 articles. I have tried my luck to ask Adsense account and, unbelievable, my blog is accepted by Google to be a part of their publisher.

This led, I was very eager to write because, Adsense is an option all bloggers around the world and many have earned thousands of dollars by placing Adsense ads on a blog / website them. Through my research, Adsense is a company ads network number one in the world and topped the list of other advertisers.

The challenge of writing articles.
The main challenges to bloggers is, updating articles every day. Sometimes, eager to write to decline and, this led to, we will lose and lose the idea of ​​self-discipline to write. Some bloggers say, we do not need to write articles every day, but, if you are a new blogger like me, you should write as much as possible to get visitors to your blog.

I tried to fix, must set the number of articles per day on my blog about 5 articles. Even so, it is very difficult to implement because of my work as civil servants, on the island of Labuan, Malaysia.

When I get a holiday, I can only prepare 2 to 4 articles. Even so, I still managed to complete a total of 1 article every day. Sometimes, I do not update my article for a few days because I work outside the district or family and friends to visit me on the island.

Target for two years.
I advise all bloggers out there, set the target for writing and do not stop because you have wasted a lot of time to write before. If the situation does not allow you the time, at least you can prepare one article per day. If you write an article every day, you can set up to 365 articles a year.

My goal at the moment, I must be able to prepare a thousand articles in two years. The number of articles on your blog is important because it will increase the rank of your blog on google eyes.  If possible, prepare your article in a number of words, 300 to 500. I was reading on the internet, the best article is, 1500 to 2500 words.
The Spirit of Writing on the Blog
Write a blog must have passion, if you do not have an interest in writing articles on a blog, never to try it because it will be worth it and you waste a lot of time. If you write a personal blog like my blog, write it in a relaxed and you do not have to use formal verse. You are free to use your sentence, but, remember, make sure your readers understand your writing. Smile when producing the article and do not be distressed because, if you stress, you will not be able to generate quality articles.

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