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Wednesday, June 3, 2015

The Main Reasons Why Do Kids Bully

The main reasons why do kids bully. Shalom, at this time the article is, the explanation clear, the main reasons why do kids bully.

Parents are very worried about if the school calls to the school because his son had been bullying other students.

It is certainly troubling parents about their children's behavior and cause embarrassment to the community due to the attitude of the students or bully other children. If you do not immediately solve your child's attitude, it is feared will make it worse.

The main reasons why do kids bully
I would like to ask all parents of all, how do you educate your children at home? Children form attitudes are starting from the home.

If parents do not supervise their children's activities, lack of affection, always scolded without checking, will cause children to rebel attitude and this is causing your child to be a bully.

They will always argue with your comment. When your child is born into this world, your child is like a white cloth and parents it will shape the color of your child's life. When they were little, they will hear the words and advice of parents and the parents must take this opportunity to make your child a useful.
Why Do Kids Bully

As I said before, have you ever monitor your children's activities? In the modern world, many things can affect children, for example, the influence of movies, games, and internet.

These three things, greatly influence the behavior of children as a movie, now always display violent scenes, toys such as PS2, has a variety of games can ruin the minds and internet display an unlimited source of reference and if you are not monitored, mind the kids can be changed by the sophistication of the modern world.

Their minds are affected by violent scenes and cause your child to become a bully. In Malaysia, through a number of studies by experts in counseling, students involved in bullying as a result influenced by elements of gangster films.

Mixing children with juvenile delinquents are also the main cause of your child will become a bully. Naughty boys always tell each other, one of them is superb, like breaking school rules and always disturbing other students or disrupt the junior of their children.

Parents should always monitor the association of children to prevent them mixing with bad boys. Always advise your child not to hang out with them and tell me if it risks associating with delinquent boys. Now, those doing the bullying on students involved are students at the school have a poor track record. Every year in Malaysia, the news media will feature events in the case of bullying among school children and it involves students in a group.

Well, according to this article, the main causes why do kids bully is, lack of parental concerns as themselves about the importance of the role of parents in shaping the character and morals of children.

In contemporary times, teachers are no longer moral role as shapers of children in school due to certain issues. Teacher now, just to teach children in school about education only. Therefore, the parent is fully responsible attitude regarding children.
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