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Sunday, June 21, 2015

Live With a Limited Period

Live With a Limited Period. Shalom, an article on this is something I want to share tips for making your life more meaningful, or how to live your life towards success.

Life is full of challenges and tests to the extent some people desperate to leave. Do not be afraid to face your own life. Go to the court's own life and set your life with courage. The time everyone else is asleep, you are preparing for life planning strategies.

Close the door, past life memories
When you read this article, I know you're wondering what message I try to convey to everyone. In early 2003, I borrowed a book from my friend and the book teaches how to be successful in life. Some idea of ​​this article is based on a book I read some time ago.

Well... to be successful in life, you must close the door all the memories of your life. Why do I say that? Memories last a lifetime ago and we might not be coming back to that time. Everyone knows it. If you have bitter memories of your life, forget about it starting now.  No sense crying over the bitter memories because it has occurred and has been passed.

While this article was written, I have reached the age of thirty-one years. But before that I want to ask you, what bitter memories in your life? Most painful memories is the failure of all human life in terms of marriage, romance, business, and the death of loved ones.

I actually never thought of another life story, but this one time for learning and motivation for everyone, disappointment in my life about my father is sick from cancer without my doing anything because, at that time I was still in high school in 2000. I always think, life is not fair because God had taken my father's life at the time I was not able to do anything about it.
Live With a Limited Period

Ever since my father left our family, I always feel disappointed because life is not fair and I give up to live this life. One day, I received my life back again and excited to start my life has long since disappeared. I get my life back because I took the daring decision to close the door of my memories of the past and understand, the facts in this world or the law of all life will pass and everyone will die in different ways according to their own fate.

Close the door further.
How you plan your future? I advise, close the door to your future job, it is useless if you fail to carry out your dream. Do you understand what I mean here? Some people may not agree with what I say here. Well, to corroborate my statement, I would like to ask you, have you been up to in your future? Never.. Everyone never reached their future. This means, always thinking about the fate of the future is futile.

When I was a kid or at the time of my childhood, I have always put my future dream to become a professional footballer. I was very interested in football and never to come in elections for state football league Sabah but, to be my age, I did not manage to reach to become a professional footballer.

What's the main reason I did not manage to achieve my dreams? The main reason is, I do not close the door to my future. This is the biggest mistake I ever did in life. I know, some of you said, a career as a professional footballer, but not my livelihood, it can be achieved if I close the door to my future.

Live With a Limited Period
As I said before, it is not possible to achieve human back is, memories of the past and it will happen in the future. Cover memories and all of your dreams. This time has passed and it is not possible can both be achieved if you do not shut this door both.

This means, you must do the best in the world of reality or present life. If you do not implement it as soon as possible in each case at the present time, your dreams will be difficult to achieve.  If I tried to train myself to play football ever since the beginning, I believe, now, my career as a professional footballer. A lot of people have big dreams but they forgot to achieving that dream is starting now.

This life is, as you control a cargo ship sailing in a vast ocean, sea voyage must follow the direction set out to ensure that the ship safely to its destination. You must ensure that the vessel does not leak, identify all equipment is functioning properly and is not damaged.

Similarly in life, you must make sure your life runs smoothly to ensure the dreams in your life will be achieved. Cover memories of yesterday and dreams of your future. It is best to do something about your life at work today because today is your guarantee better life in the future.

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