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Wednesday, June 10, 2015

International passport missing in Malaysia?

International passport missing in Malaysia.Shalom, at this time the article is, I want to give you some tips, what to do if you lose your international passport in Malaysia.

Some people do not know the procedures laid down by the immigration department, cause you a lot of waste of time, for example, continue to deal with immigration, while they have some procedures you need to follow.

Make a police report
If you lose your passport, you should do it is, you have to go to a police station near where you live to make a statement that says, you lose your passport.

The police often will help you make a special report after report is created, you must confirm the report on the financial front in the police station for a fee of RM 2. all passports lost in Malaysia, shall conduct a police report.

Go to the immigration department.
If you've done business in the police station, take the paper to report the immigration department offices nearby, and they will help you to create a new passport. If you have found a passport that has been lost, it is no longer useful because, desires immigration procedures, any passport reported missing at the police station or in immigration, it should make a new passport and the old passport must be disposed of or can not be used again.
International passport missing in Malaysia

Report a loss in embassies.
 If you are a foreigner, you must deal with the embassy of your country first, when the completion of the embassy of your country, bring receipts lost passport at the nearest police station and make a special report the loss of your passport.

When finished, take the paper police report, receipts of payment to, the immigration department offices nearby. If your passport is lost in the remote areas of the embassy of your country, do not worry, first make a police report and went to the immigration office.

This article is a way to regain lost the international passport. If you lose your passport within twenty-four hours, report the loss immediately to the police station or immigration office to avoid, misused by criminals or irresponsible people. First, try to find your passport is lost until you really believe, your passport may not be rediscovered.

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