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Saturday, June 20, 2015

How to Solve Error URL in Webmaster Tools

Shalom, this time with an article about how to resolve URL error in google webmaster tools. At first I was very concerned about this issue and I know some of you will be lost vigor to write in their blog.

Some bloggers worried and panicked for not knowing how to overcome this problem. If an error URL in webmaster left too long will cause your blog to be in serious trouble and Googlebot can not access your blog and have a bad impact on the DNS.

Why error URL in webmaster tools.
Before I teach you more about how to solve this problem, I will clearly explain why the URL and DNS error in webmaster tools. URL error is the main reason,

1. Remove the article has been in post in the blog
2. Change the title of the post
3. Update the content of posts
4. Do not update regularly posts
5. To remove a comment on the blog
6. Often change template
7. Remove and add widgets

If you do things like schedule above, it will cause an error 404. That is, the error crawl or a content URL that does not exist. If you let too many 404 errors, and you have blog Adsense ads, it will violate the conditions webmaster for displaying a 404 error content (content does not exist). This will endanger Adsense account and you need to resolve this issue immediately.

Before, when I received a message from the webmaster said, my blog has reached a whole DSN queries by 42%. Some blog URL in error and so is also a mobile phone URL has been blocked. I try to find a solution through an internet search but could not find the right way to solve this problem. Some bloggers suggested that I complained this issue to the my domain registrar.
How to Solve Error URL in Webmaster Tools
Even so, I still try to find a solution through my own way. What I understand, this problem is caused because you do not remove cached mistakes in your blog url. How to get rid of this error? How, go to 'REMOVE URL' in webmaster tools, copy the url and a 404 error, press the button to remove URLs. You must wait a few hours for the webmaster to remove all urls error 404 in your blog.

If the entire url was removed, go to the 'CRAWL error' in webmaster tools url and get rid of all the error using the 'MARK AS FIXED'. My advice, to remove the error or URL is blocked by Googlebot take several days to complete it. Do not panic, relax and you will solve this problem immediately.

If you manage to solve the problem of error URL in webmaster tools, I believe you are an expert or experienced bloggers. This is a small thing, but at first it was difficult to resolve. I know many bloggers face the same problem and they do not know to look for solutions.

If you still do not understand my article, you can leave a message in the comments. I will try to help you. I hope you fix the error immediately on the blog before it becomes worse. Remove one by one URL error and you will see excellent results in a few days.

Posted by mr geo Updated at: June 20, 2015

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