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Saturday, June 13, 2015

How to Make Yourself Sleepy

How to make yourself sleepy. Shalom, I have not written an article a few days due to some urgent work must be completed. Well, this article is about, how to make you sleepy.

Previously, many people write articles on how to avoid drowsiness, but I teach you to feel sleepy. Some, difficult to sleep as a result of many factors, and some people also, very easy to sleepiness. Why? I will give you an answer to your questions here

How to make yourself sleepy.
In fact, this article... sought after by people who have difficulty in sleeping (insomnia). Even so, its source is located inside the patient. If you do not dare to change, the disease will get worse and it can kill you slowly. To identify its sources, and immediately to take the necessary action.

In 2006, I also have difficulty sleeping. All night, my eyes are always open. I tried to sleep, but I did not succeed. Between the hours of 0400 to 0500, I managed to sleep but the thing is, I'm too late to wake up cause I came to work late.

This causes the performance of my work has a bad record and I often scolded by my boss. I often think, how to solve this problem and, I have overcome my problem with using this method.
How to Make Yourself Sleepy

Shower with warm water.
After I came back from work, I will provide a kettle of hot water for use as, my bath water. I will mix the hot water to cold water to make it as warm water. I will be a gradual, and it caused me to feel fresh. After my shower, I would feel sleepy and go to bed to bed without having difficulty sleeping. Warm water, very good for our bodies make, fresh, relax, and it will make you sleepy after a shower with warm water.

Sleep by listening to soft music.
Some people may not like or listen to songs while sleeping, but this was the one I did. I'll put the music on the radio with soft music and reconcile the hearts of those listening. I will set the tone of this music slowly and I'll sleep on the bed. It is very effective, I will feel peace in my heart when listening to soft music and slowly sleep peacefully once. Everyone knows, has heard the strains of soft music, reconcile hearts and makes us feel calm.

Forget all the problems.
When I face difficulty in sleeping, one factor is, I often think about my life, about, finance, problems at work and much more. Before being in bed, I often think about my life problems. The cause, I have trouble sleeping. Therefore, I decided, when I go to sleep.. I'll forget all my problems and I will sleep peacefully. When to sleep, forget to think about your problems, it will cause you to have difficulty in sleeping.

Do not drink coffee or nascafe.
I loved the coffee and nascafe, every night I will be brewing the drink. It makes one of the factors I have difficulty sleeping. Everyone knows coffee and nascafe contain Caffeine and will make your eyes fresh and hard to sleep.

This drink is very popular among students or those working at night. Now, every night I no longer drink coffee and nascafe. I only drink a glass of warm water before going to bed. My advice to those facing difficulties in sleeping, do not drink this time going to sleep because it will add to the freshness of your eyes.

Reading before bedtime
Read a book at night is a therapy to make you sleepy eyes. I often practice these tips. Every night I would read a book entitled "How to overcome fear and start living '. This book is very good and I recommend you to get this book.

This book is very popular around the world and author of the book named Dale Cargne, the author comes from the united states and it will teach you how to sleep properly, teach how to overcome fear. Oops... I have been out of the headlines. Well, if you're having difficulty to sleep, read a book before going to bed. It will make you sleep easier at night.

Everyone knows, prayer is very good therapy for the mind of the individual. When we pray, you actually talk to your mind and your god. Whatever your religion, it teaches about all the advantages. Pray it before bed and it will be reassuring and.. Trust me.. You will be sleepy and sleep peacefully.

I have all these tips and practice, I managed to overcome sleep problems. At first, it was very difficult to implement, but, I'm trying to discipline myself and now I no longer have problems sleeping. Much more effective way to make you sleepy for example, activate themselves with sports activities such as sports, jogging, cycling, football and many more.

This activity will sweat and body healthy. This will quickly make you sleepy at night. If you have been practicing these tips still difficult to sleep, I advise you to see a doctor or specialist counseling for treatment.

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