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Saturday, June 6, 2015

How to Lighten Your Blog Easily

How to lighten your blog easily. Shalom, at this time the article is, I want to share the tips to readers on the internet, how to relieve your blog easily. This article is suitable to be read to them, are new to the blog world.

Why relieve blog? Well, imagine.. Somebody has done a search for something on the internet, and found your article. When a visitor opens the article, it takes longer to get there because of slow to download. This leads, visitors leave your articles and find other articles.

Why, your blog so slow to download.
Before I share these tips, I want to ask you why you blog download slow? In fact, many factors cause this to happen. However, the reasons are already known, your blog, have a lot of pictures and images that are too large and do not follow the standard set by google. Besides, too many ads on the blog, too many widgets in the sidebar, will also cause slow downloads.

Minimize size image.
In my experience, the way to use the blog is, to reduce the picture is too big and learn how to minimize the size of the picture. In fact, I do not know what the actual size of the image is placed in an article, but try to shrink the image. The minimum image size will reduce the weight of your blog.
How to Lighten Your Blog Easily
Waste, widgets unimportant in the blog.

Waste, widgets unimportant in blog
Some bloggers, like to put widgets on their blogs are not important. It greatly influences actual download speeds blog. Put too many widgets on blogs, for example, clock widgets, chat box, button share and more, will cause your blog to be slow. Waste, all the widgets is not important and prioritize the quality of the article as visitors come to your blog because your blog is not pretty but because of quality content.

Put the songs automatically in the blog.
When I visited a few blogs, I found, some blogger puts the songs automatically on a blog / website them. In this instance, when I go to the blog, it will automatically sang several songs. Did you know, he was not liked by the visitors and they will run directly from your blog. This causes the bounce rate of your blog will increase and this is not good about the credibility of your blog on google eyes. In fact, put a song on the blog will weigh your blog.

Reduce the use of ad.
Have you ever opened a blog / website, and it contains a lot of ads and articles almost illegible? It seems to me, this blog is worse because not only slow to download but full of a lot of advertising. Do not create blogs just for the money, it's not good for your blog in the long run. My advice, put the ad is appropriate and it would be nice to your readers.

Background image in blog.
If you put your background image, do not use your own image because it is very heavy and is not good for your blog. Use a background image is provided because it is lighter and used by many successful bloggers.

On the internet, a lot of articles, teaching how to relieve blog. How to relieve blog is easy, using jQuery script code Lazy Load. It greatly influences the download speed and SEO friendly. If you have been using these tips, try to test the speed of your blog in webmaster PageSpeed, and these little has changed in terms of the percentage of download speed.

Posted by mr geo Updated at: June 06, 2015

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