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Monday, June 8, 2015

How to Avoid Maybank2u From Hacked Accounts.

.How to Avoid Maybank2u From Hacked Accounts. Shalom, the past few years, we have heard in several local newspapers, on several accounts belonging to individuals in the bank Maybank was hacked.

In my view, people do this hacking is, very skilled in handling computers and the Internet. Some people lose money is very much a result of this irresponsible act. In fact, you are still in a safe condition when practicing these tips.


Do not store passwords in mobile phones.
How you remember Maybank2u password? Some people like to store important passwords on their mobile phones, it is very dangerous because if your mobile phone is lost or stolen by others, they will earn password maybank2u and this causes them to be able to access your account is easy.

If your cell phone has android apps, easier for hackers to steal your identity or password by simply sending a virus to obtain information on your mobile phone. Be sure to delete all passwords on your mobile now.

Do not store the password in the wallet.
I still remember my friend, he always keeps in his wallet maybank2u password. I was always with her, but, she told me, her purse was not likely to be lost. One day, without realizing it, lost his wallet with money in the account maybank2u, also lost. I advise you, do not store the password in the wallet because it is very risky to yourself.

Do not click on email Maybank2u.
Have you received an email from maybank2u? My advice, if you receive such an email, do not open because it is a virus or steal your identity. Some people in the peninsula have lost money in their accounts because they receive email from maybank2u and ask such individuals to update their account and profile. The bank Maybank, never send these e-mails to its customers. The hacker will steal your identity quietly and withdraw your money through online only.

Remember url address Maybank2u.
The latest tactic hackers now are, they have created a website, similar to maybank2u website and if you are worried by the website, you should contact the bank Maybank for certainty. guide me, remember it Maybank2u url address, it may help you to identify a real website or not. Maybank2u website address starts https: // and not starting http: //. It is almost the same, but you have to identify maybank2u url address, the letter 's' in the protocol address.
How to Avoid being Hacked Accounts in Maybank2u
I hope, explain in this article, is useful to you and teach you to be more careful. I save my password maybank2u only in the brain. It is very safe and nobody knows it. Oh yes, one more warning me to you, make sure your password does not resemble your identity card number, vehicle number or numbers easily known by hackers. Maybank2u url address is like this, I hope you're not wrong to enter the site maybank2u website. Hope to see you again next article.

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